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Welcome to cannabis reviews, South Africa. We are reviewing the latest cannabis products! We’re here to help you understand what works and what doesn’t. Let’s make sure we’re supporting quality brands in the cannabis industry.

bong drops

Bongalong Bong Drops

Bongs are one of the most common ways people consume cannabis. However, bongs can get a little boring and don’t always have the best taste. So how can you add a little flavour to...
Holy Roly Herbal Rolling Mix Holy Roly Herbal Rolling Mix

Holy Roly Herbal Rolling Mix

Who is Holy Roly?  The Holy Roly brand was born in the Garden Route on the southern coast of South Africa. It all started with a man named Martin Glinister, a herbalist from the cape,...
monks gin

Monks Gin: Mary Jane Hemp Infused Gin

Who Is Monks Gin For us to understand what Monks Gin is, we first have to understand who Nic & Di Davis are. These two entrepreneurs love to seek out adventure and wade into waters...
Lucid CBD

Lucid CBD Review

Who is Lucid? Lucid is a Johannesburg based brand, developed and founded by four awesome dudes that not only understand the plant, but have clear message and mission to deliver only top quality CBD to...
Mad Giant Brewery

Super Sessions – Mad Giant Brewery Cannabis Ale

Who is Mad Giant Walking into the Mad Giant Brewery located in Town at 1 Fox Street you are immediately greeted with contradictory ideas. A sophisticated Asian infused restaurant (Urbanologi) being watched over by a...
CBD vape juice

Reakiro E-Liquid 100mg CBD Vape Juice

Who is Reakiro? Reakiro as a company hails out of Poland. They offer a full range of CBD products, from these CBD vape juices / e-liquids to CBD syringes. They also take care of the...

Plantmatter Grow Bag

Who is Plant Matter? Plantmatter's journey all began when the founder started designing and testing grow bags for his personal use. Thereafter they realised there was an opportunity to offer a local alternative to grow...
Reakiro Raw Hemp Extract

Reakiro Raw Hemp Extract 500mg CBD

Who is Reakiro? Reakiro is a company based in Poland that offers farm to table production to ensure that their customers are receiving the best quality hemp based products. Reakiro constantly strives to produce superior...
Cannabis Energy Drink

Cannabis Energy Drink – Review

Who is behind Cannabis Energy Drink? The Cannabis Energy Drink brand originates from Amsterdam - a cannabis hotspot in the Netherlands. They don’t provide all that much on their history or the story behind the...
Rolls Smart Filters

Rolls Smart Filters – Review

Familiar with that scratchy throat and cough after smoking a fatty? Rolls Smart Filters might help you prevent that. Who is Rolls?  ROLLS69 is a company that originates out of the Czech Republic. They are the creators...