Hemp Based Brands AND NFTs With a Purpose

Recently, M2Bio Sciences launched 100% biodegradable surfboards, first of their kind in Africa. A team of highly skilled engineers are working to create these ten surfboards entirely out of hemp and mycelium. Inspired by the resurgence of psychedelic art and the work the company is doing in the realm of psilocybin research, all surfboards feature unique and colorful artwork....

Are Grow Clubs Legal in SA?

are grow clubs legal
As of September 2018, South Africa decriminalised cannabis for private use. In addition to This was great news for those who no longer wanted to buy their bud con the sly, but it is kind of complicated for everyone else. The government didn’t make cannabis use legal, and it also didn’t decriminalise production. What does this mean? Well, it...

What do the 2020 Elections Mean for Cannabis Legalisation in the US (and Around the World)

Despite its turbulent history and not-so-stellar international reputation, the U.S. still holds a large degree of influence over cultural trends in the world. With issues such as gay marriage and cannabis, elected officials have often been slow to budge. However, things start to be shifting in favour of marijuana legalisation, and Joe Biden’s recent victory in the 2020 elections...

Cannabis Culture in South Africa – There are Different Types of Stoners my Friend

different types of stoners
This piece is written to shed light on the Cannabis Culture currently consuming South Africa and the different types of stoners you may find. It must be noted that there are varying degrees to what we discuss in this article, and by no means is it a do or die prescription for the current cannabis climate. However, through attending...

Three Major Events for Cannabis in South Africa So Far

major events for cannabis in South Africa
The 2020 U.S. elections were good news for cannabis laws in the U.S. - several states voted to legalise it for medicinal or recreational use. But it's not all about the Americans - South Africa has seen some cannabis-related updates too. Although the cannabis industry is still far from legal, these small changes might be steps in the right...

Best Shows/YouTube Clips to Watch While High

to watch while high
What's better than relaxing by the tv and passing around a joint? Maybe the tv is background noise - or maybe that's your friends. Either way, no one wants to waste time scrolling through Youtube or Netflix when there is weed to be smoked. So to save you some time, here are our recommendations for some weird shows to...

Synthetic Marijuana, What are the Dangers and How to Avoid It?

synthetic marijuana
Now that weed has been decriminalised in South Africa, it’ll be easier to control quality and content. However you might still end up coming across dodgy products, so it’s important to be able to distinguish synthetic marijuana and the real deal. Why should you know how to tell them apart?  Fake weed can be dangerous. Normal cannabis products are natural...

Virtual is Dope – Africa Prepares for First Virtual Cannabis Expo

The Cann
Cape Town, South Africa – The cannabis industry is budding with preparations for Africa’s first-ever virtual cannabis expo. The Cannabis Expo, organisers of the continent’s biggest cannabis events, has launched a global virtual meeting point for everyone interested in cannabis business in Africa. The Cannabis Vexpo (Virtual Expo) is a three-day event, which runs 26 – 28 November 2020. “The...

5 Playlists (That Aren’t Just Reggae Music) to Listen to When You’re Getting Your Green On

No two joints are the same, which means that no two highs are the same. That’s why you need a different playlist for each of the different moods you can have when you’re smoking up.  The playlists are linked in the titles. Time to put on some tunes and take it easy! Take A Moment It’s important to leave time for...

The Dutch ‘Tolerance’ Model and Why It Doesn’t Work

dutch tolerance model
Despite its international fame, the Netherlands’ drug policy is not as open as it seems. The Dutch Tolerance Model one of tolerance rather than legalisation. This means that, though you won’t get in trouble for it (if you’re a resident, that is), smoking is still technically illegal. Production is still not tolerated. Unlike more recent policies, such as the...