Are Grow Clubs Legal in SA?

are grow clubs legal
As of September 2018, South Africa decriminalised cannabis for private use. In addition to This was great news for those who no longer wanted to buy their bud con the sly, but it is kind of complicated for everyone else. The government didn’t make cannabis use legal, and it also didn’t decriminalise production. What does this mean? Well, it...

Three Major Events for Cannabis in South Africa So Far

major events for cannabis in South Africa
The 2020 U.S. elections were good news for cannabis laws in the U.S. - several states voted to legalise it for medicinal or recreational use. But it's not all about the Americans - South Africa has seen some cannabis-related updates too. Although the cannabis industry is still far from legal, these small changes might be steps in the right...

The Dassie Grow Diaries: First Time Growing Cannabis? Here’s What You Need to Get Up and Running

first time growing cannabis
Why grow your own Thinking about growing cannabis, or is it your first time growing cannabis? There has never been a better time to get into growing your own dank. It's incredibly rewarding being able to consume your own cannabis and there is a sense of pride that comes along with it. As with most things in life, the more...

Cannabis for Private Purposes Clubs

It’s out. It surely won’t be passed in its present form and hasn’t been published by the 17 September 2020 deadline ordered in the 18 September 2018 Prince judgment in which the Concourt abolished the prohibitions against an adult personally cultivating and possessing cannabis in private in order to personally consume it in private. Indeed, it was only officially...

How and Why Cannabis Has Different Colours

As your cannabis experience expands as either a consumer or grower, you start to realise that the plant is a lot more complex than just something that gets you high. You start to understand what you like and how you can get the most out of your experience with the plant - such as strain choice, terpene profiles and...

Growing Big Buds in a Closet

Grow Space Grow space can be hard to come by for many, especially those living in the city, in apartments, or in a full house! There isn't always space outside on a balcony and there isn't always space to fit a tent inside. So what options do you have then? Well, why not empty out a cupboard and see if you...

Malta has Run Out of Weed

malta has run out of weed
There are roughly 400 000 adult and medical cannabis consumers on the Mediterranean archipelago. These consumers have been left frustrated in their search for cannabis as Malta is in the middle of one of the driest seasons they have experienced. Unfortunately for consumers on the archipelago, Malta has run out of weed! “So much for the medical hub of...

Stoner Steve’s Strain of the Month for August: Zkittles

Finding decent cannabis strains locally can be tough - it seems like places such as Canada or the US have all the good stuff. However, with the growing cannabis community, more growers are finding these strains that garner their popularity overseas before growing them on local soil.  Such an example could be Zkittles - a strain that won Best Indica...

Stages of the Cannabis Plant Growth Cycle

cannabis plant growth cycle
Like all living things, the cannabis plant goes through various stages in their growth cycle. It’s important that growers know and understand these stages as the plant will need different things along the line.  The different stages can call for varying amounts of light, water and nutrients. The stages will also help a grower determine when you can train or...

Stoner Steve’s Strain of the Month for July: Candy iV

Candy iV
Growing, as many will know, is no easy process. I found this out first hand this year as I took on my first homegrow project. Having never grown before, I started simple and decided to grow outdoors in some lekker fabric pots. I got my Freedom Farms soil and bags, mixed them up and all I needed were seeds.  Rather...