South Africans Have Found a Way Around the New Cannabis Legislation

2018 was a good year for the cannabis community in South Africa. September saw the Constitutional Court make allowances for private and personal consumption and cultivation of marijuana.

cannabis legislation

There have been some exciting changes in cannabis legislation recently The court deemed it an unfair infringement on one’s right to privacy to class personal and private growth or consumption of cannabis as a criminal act. What the court did not do was decriminalise the sale of cannabis as this is not considered one’s privacy.

However, groups have now exploited the changes in cannabis legislation. Ultimately, South Africans have found a loophole which they intend to take full advantage of. This is all possible thanks to private ‘grow clubs’.

How Do They Do It?

These ‘grow clubs’ work in quite a clever way. Members contribute towards renting warehouse space where seasoned cannabis growing veterans will grow their weed for them. There’s no doubt that this is an interesting loophole, and easy to see why people are using it. The rented space is seen as private property, which classifies it as a non-criminal offence.

The fees paid by members of these groups are inclusive of the rental of the space and the skills of the farmer for their work. These growers will care for your plant from seed to harvest.

This means there is no physical exchange of money for cannabis itself, but more so for the service provided by the grower. Paying someone for their services is not considered unlawful, whereas a direct purchase of cannabis itself is.

These Groups are Growing Rapidly

These groups are growing rapidly, and appearing in all corners of the country. With a monthly subscription fee of R1 000 it’s obvious why this appeals to so many. Members are allowed 2 to 4 plants, but this can vary between clubs.

They might get away with it for now, but come September 2020 things may change. By then, parliament will hopefully have their papers in order and have their final say on the cannabis legislation. Whether we will follow in the footsteps of other countries who have legalised cannabis for medical and recreational purposes remains to be seen.

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