How to Get Hired in the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is booming, bringing job opportunities with it. Looking for a weed job? Well here are some pro tips to keep in mind.

hired in the cannabis industry

People have been fantasizing about working in the weed industry for decades. Of course, for most of that time, it has been very much illegal – until now. With changing views and legislation across the globe, the cannabis industry is making a name for itself. Now could be the best opportunity to get your foot in the door and land your dream job in South Africa.

If getting hired in the cannabis industry is something you’ve been dreaming of for years, or have only recently decided this is how you want to spend your days, you’ll need to be prepared. Here are some tips from a cannabis recruiter on how to get in the cannabis industry.

1. Flexibility Will be Required

Every business in the cannabis industry is a startup. This is worth keeping in mind. You’ll be speaking with entrepreneurs in a startup company and a budding industry.

Most of these companies won’t be fully developed. They probably won’t have established departments, so you’ll have to adapt to what they have during the hiring and interviewing process.

2. Prepare Questions for your Interview

It’s important to ask questions at any interview, not just in the cannabis industry. Enquire about their goals, leadership, hierarchy, funding, licensing and the future of the company. Learn about how and where the company is going to operate. As well as being sure of what their purpose and intentions are. These will give you a better idea if this is the company for you, as well as showing them that you take these factors into consideration.

Financial stability is vital if you want to make sure you get paid at the end of the day. If there is poor funding, you’ll want to make sure that this company has a plan to stay afloat. And whether this company has the potential to excel in the industry despite the roadblocks you will face.

3. Be Adaptable – Expect Change

Change is going to happen in this industry, one way or another – and these changes come about at a rapid pace.

From battling legislation changes and licensing issues to constant growth, to challenges in regulation and everything else – cannabis companies need to be adaptable.

If you’re at your best while working under pressure, in a constantly changing environment – then the marijuana industry could be for you.

4. Passion vs Skillset

You won’t be the only person looking to get hired in the cannabis industry. Companies receive plenty of resumes from enthusiasts and activists who show their passions for the plant. They love that, but what they need more than passion are skills and experience.

Companies require individuals who offer more than passion. Make sure you have the required skills and make these known for the position you hope to fulfil.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes? Make sure you’re ready to go by ensuring that you have the skills and the passion to make it in the industry. Build your skills and knowledge of the plant as well as the industry itself. Prove to the employer that you’re the person best suited to the job, more so than any other candidates.

Here are some of the most common questions asked in cannabis interviews. Get preparing and get the job you’ve always wanted.

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