The New Normal – a MedMen & Spike Jonze Cannabis Commercial

Cannabis is making its way into the mainstream in South Africa, whereas it is basically already there in the States. Is dagga becoming the new normal?


The world of cannabis has a rather extensive history. From George Washington owning hemp farms to Reefer Madness – an American propaganda film dealing with the dangers associated with smoking marijuana. Not to mention the drug war in the 1980s, consisting of “Stop and Frisk” searches and harsh penalties leading up to 25 years in prison.

MedMen is the largest cannabis company in the United States, with about 20 dispensaries and soon to be 76 countrywide. It is known as the “Apple Store of Weed” and the “Starbucks of Pot”. They are so popular that they were able to bring in acclaimed director Spike Jonze to help produce an eye-opening commercial. This video aims to inform the American people on the history of cannabis and how it has changed over the decades.

There has been plenty of misinformation on cannabis, resulting in it being viewed in a negative light. MedMen & Spike Jonze aim to expose the truths of cannabis consumption and the positive impact it has on the lives of many. For instance, the actors that had been cast in the advert have all had a personal relationship with cannabis. To name a few, there was a former NFL player who stopped using opioids in exchange for cannabis; as well as a veteran who used marijuana to treat his PTSD.

At the end of the commercial, we are left with a shot stating “The New Normal” – a world where cannabis is legal and regulated in order to make society a happier and healthier environment to live in.

This commercial has been aired on many different TV Channels and in Movie Theatres across the US. The campaign has had around 1 billion media impressions, proving that this commercial is having an impact.

The cannabis industry has grown exponentially over the past two decades. To this day 15 states in the US have decriminalised marijuana and 33 states use cannabis for medical purposes. The United States is ahead of the times when it comes to bud.

I live with the hopes that one day South Africa can rise and join the movement by making cannabis consumption the new normal.

THC ya later

– Patricia Pothead

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