Weed & Anxiety

weed and anxiety

So it’s nothing new that plenty people report increased anxiety when they consume cannabis. The sad part is that, in some people, weed and anxiety go hand in hand. Most often it has to do with what strain they’ve chosen to smoke, what other stimulates we choose to mix with cannabis and the level of stress and anxiety they experience in their day to day lives. 

The truth is that from time to time you may experience cannabis-induced anxiety, but I think it’s important to understand the weed didn’t create the anxiety. It simply elevated your pre-existing anxiety. Now with this new knowledge let’s look a few things to avoid and focus on during your cannabis adventure.

Billy Bong Hacks: 

  • Get high on the right supply: It’s will really benefit you to research strains that are designed to complement your personality and decrease your anxiety. For example, these strains below are the top 4 recommended strains for people dealing with anxiety. 
    • Bubba Kush
    • Skywalker OG Kush
    • Blueberry Lambsbread
    • and Kosher Kush 
  • Avoid caffeine: So many stoners overlook this, myself included, but caffeine is a massive contributor to anxiety in general. Topping it off with weed means we get an elevated sense of anxiety and other cognitive stresses. So it may be smarter to steer clear of substances containing caffeine like coffee, tea and energy drinks if you plan on smoking up.
  • Keep your chi: Your environment is as important as the product itself. So when lighting up, ensure you are in a calm and cool place that will keep you chilled rather than stress you out. 
  • Do something: The couch is a place that tends to capture us all and results in us not being able to do much with our high. This sometimes means we get stuck in our heads a bit too much, thoughts racing and causing you to overthink – resulting in anxiety. Rather find a way to keep yourself busy and distracted from any possible negative thoughts. 
  • This too shall pass: The most important thing to remember if you experience anxiety with cannabis is that the feeling will pass. It isn’t permanent, and the feelings you’re not digging will be gone in a little bit. 

So if you want to avoid getting overwhelming anxiety during your high, try to apply these few steps and you should be fine. 

Peace, love and success <3 

– Billy Bong

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Go to your spice cupboard and get out some black pepper, take a whiff to reverse any bad high.