4 Weed Strains for People Who Love Vanilla

Are you a lover of all things vanilla flavoured and scented? Well, then these cannabis strains might be your perfect match!

love vanilla

These strains tend to have a sweet and sugary like flavour to them and even sometimes a doughy or a creamy taste depending on the strain! Often, these strains are pretty potent, so if you’re heading to the weed store for a delicious treat that’ll get you high as a kite, welcome to your next grocery item.

The 4 weed strains for people who love vanilla: 

  • Vanilla Kush – Vanilla Kush is a potent indica that comes from Afghan and Kashmir lineage. The Kush genetics give it a hint of those OG citrus terps, but the smoke will still have a thick doughy feel too—that’s where the vanilla kicks in.
  • Wedding Cake – Wedding Cake, oh, that sweet earthy Wedding Cake. Leafly’s 2019 strain of year, Wedding Cake is one of the most popular strains in the game. It’s a phenotype of Triangle Mints, and it hosts various smells and tastes.
  • Mendo Breath – Mendo Breath is a potent indica that is not for the faint of lungs. It’s a cross of two powerhouses, OGKB and Mendo Montage, and the result is dense, frosty buds that smell like sweet earth and vanilla. It really is a frosty treat.
  • Ice Cream Cake – Ice Cream Cake is one of the best strains to get in concentrate form. Pax Pod, ice water hash, whatever, it doesn’t matter; that hash oil has such a distinct cake-icing-like flavour that the smoke damn near tastes like it has sugar crystals.

So as always stoners take the time to understand the complexities and advantages around strains and their flavour profiles as this will only benefit you and the quality of smoke you have. Billy Bong personally recommends the Wedding Cake, so give it a try if you love vanilla! 

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