5 Medical Cannabis Myths Busted

Medical cannabis is making its way into the mainstream, but with this come some myths that need to be busted as a hurdle to accepting cannabis.

cannabis myths

There are many myths surrounding medicinal cannabis. The misinformation presents a hurdle to the herb being more widely accepted as a treatment for the multitude of diseases and ailments it can help.

Myth 1: Medical Cannabis Hasn’t been Well Studied

There are in fact hundreds of peer-reviewed studies now published about the use and efficacy of medical cannabis. There is no shortage of research on the topic and new studies are being undertaken all the time.

However, more hard, clinical evidence is required before we can truly understand what cannabis is capable of and how it acts.

Myth 2: Medical Cannabis Leads to Other Drug Use

While there has always been an argument that recreational marijuana use is a gateway to harder, more dangerous drug use, this not the case for medical users. It has become increasingly clear that medical cannabis actually replaces the use of risky drugs like opioids and tranquillizers.

The University of Mississippi has found that cannabidiol could help address the huge increase in opioid medicine abuse and addiction in the United States. Others are using cannabis to replace pharmaceutical sleeping aids

Myth 3: Medical Cannabis Has No Proven Medical Use

This myth is the reason that cannabis has been kept as a schedule 1 substance in the USA at a federal level. One of the conditions for a substance to be listed as Schedule 1 is that it must have no currently accepted medical use.

With more than half of the US states now having medical cannabis law, and many other countries following suit, this is a strong indicator that cannabis most certainly does have medicinal applications. Whether the South African environment will come to realise this is still unknown. 

Myth 4: Medical Cannabis is An Excuse to Get High

For many who use medicinal cannabis, experiencing a high isn’t the goal, nor is it even desirable for most. People who are prescribed medical cannabis use it to relieve painful symptoms associated with their ailments. The relief of these painful symptoms enables them to function at a level approaching normal, one they would not be able to achieve otherwise.

Myth 5: Medical Cannabis Cures Everything

We’re understandably biased at Cannabis News about the huge potential that cannabis-based medicines have. However, it is somewhat unsettling to read about the plant being a cure-all.

There are a number of conditions that cannabis may provide a lot of benefit for, and the plant can certainly assist with managing and addressing multiple health conditions. Nevertheless, it is imperative to understand the difference between managing symptoms and curing a disease. 

The breaking down of these myths will only help paint cannabis in a fairer, clearer light – showing the plant for what it is. This will only help the cannabis plant progress as we uncover more about the unique plant. 

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10 months ago

The gateway theory.


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