5 Playlists (That Aren’t Just Reggae Music) to Listen to When You’re Getting Your Green On

Who doesn't love some good tunes when toking up? But sometimes choosing the right track can be tough - so here are 5 playlist options to make your life easier.

No two joints are the same, which means that no two highs are the same. That’s why you need a different playlist for each of the different moods you can have when you’re smoking up. 

The playlists are linked in the titles. Time to put on some tunes and take it easy!

  1. Take A Moment
    It’s important to leave time for yourself. Things can get so busy that we lose track of what’s really important. Rolling up a j is a great way to keep your hands busy whilst you contemplate, and these songs are perfect for that little bit of ‘me-time’ that you’ve been missing out on. 
  2. She got the good kush
    Ladies, are you tired of always listening to your boyfriend’s dude music? We know you can appreciate Sublime and Red Hot Chilli Peppers with the best of them, but sometimes you just need to go to a women-only space. Featuring faves like Rihanna, Billie Eilish, and TLC, plus some lesser-heards like dodie, Poppy, and Lianne la Havas, this playlist has all the chill you need for a ladies night in.
  3. Netwakkerzombielijst
    You’re out of bed, it’s a Sunday morning, and you’re not ready to face the day yet. Maybe it’s time for a little wake n’ bake? But you’ll need some tunes for that, ones turn the ‘pre-coffee blues’ into the ‘post-doobie greens’. So you’re a zombie in the morning, so what? Like Kermit says, it’s okay to be green.
  4. Just some chill music
    Smoking isn’t always low-energy. Sometimes people get energized by getting buzzed, and there should be a playlist that reflects that. From the Kooks to U2, here’s a playlist that you can move to (even if you’re just moving in your seat).
  5. Blueberries 
    Sometimes, words just don’t cut it. When you have all the feelings in the world but are too blazed to form a coherent sentence, maybe all you need are the tunes. A mixture of zesty, mellow, and sweet, this playlist is perfect for just getting lost in the sauce.

Let us know your favourite playlist in the comments!

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