Athletes will be Allowed to Use CBD During 2020 Tokyo Olympics

We recently spoke about the use of cannabis by athletes, and how it is rising in popularity. Now the plant has garnered so much attention in the world of sports that CBD will be allowed at the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo this year.

CBD at the Olympics

The 2020 Olympics held in Tokyo are just six months away. Athletes will be mentally and physically preparing to represent their country and showcase their talents. Some of them may even have CBD on their side!

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has made exceptions for the cannabis plant. This is the same body that is responsible for the doping at the Olympic Games. This is largely due to the popularity of the plant and how many athletes praise it for the help it has provided them. Since then, more and more athletes have opened up about their use of the cannabis plant in some shape or form.

Athletes love this cannabinoid for the anti-anxiety characteristics, helping them keep their calm and mentally prepare for a tough challenge ahead. As well as, and perhaps most importantly the anti-inflammatory properties. 

There are some concerns though. With many people and brands in a hurry to jump on the CBD train and make some money, not all CBD on the market is as advertised. Studies have shown that various ‘CBD’ products across the globe contain less of the cannabinoid than what is advertised. Alternatively, they are mixed with other substances you don’t want, some with high levels of THC even.

This false advertising is something athletes will have to keep an eye on. They don’t want to be using a product that contains substances which may get them into trouble. An athlete caught with THC in their system, even though they’ve been led to believe that they’re using CBD, could have any accolades stripped should they win at the Olympics. 

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