Billy Beats Episode 1: Liquid Rollers for Them High Times

Billy Beats

As we all know, music is a very big part of life itself and a beautiful additive to ones high. I know that not everyone is into drum and bass, but I Billy Bong do at times love me some liquid rolling drum and bass. So I’ve put together the first episode of Billy Beats with my top 10 rollers to listen to while baked in – not listed by awesomeness. 

  1. Blu Mar Ten feat. Seba – Hunter (Malaky Remix)
  2. Silence Groove – Angelic
  3. Ownglow x Dilemma – Mercy (feat. Courtney Odom)
  4. K Motionz – Dusk 
  5. Workforce – Fragments
  6. Charli Brix – Kintsugi (ft. QZB)
  7. Dawn Wall – I Should Have Been There
  8. Artificial Intelligence – Even Though
  9. Workforce – Two Words (Double feature ;))
  10. Anile – Constant Reminder (ft. DRS)

I hope these tunes get you grooving during your next smoke sesh and big ups to the listed artists! Some real tasty rollers coming from this crew, they’re worth following if you’re a D&B fan.

Bonus track: Operate – By Chance

Peace, love and success
– Billy Bong

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