Billy Bong & The Stoner Bucket List

Stoners know what they want when it comes to cannabis, we have unspoken rules and all. However, there isn't exactly a stoner bucket list - but Billy Bong thinks he knows where to start!

stoner bucket list

Stoners often have 2 things embedded in their mind on a daily basis – bomb weed and the munchies. Contrary to popular belief, the cannabis community put more into their love for cannabis than just smoking and satisfying the munchies. The cannabis culture and community goes much deeper than most know, and the culture is truly something special when you get more involved. 

But truth be told as a stoner, at some stage smoking will become a little dull. So challenge yourself to be the best stoner you can and chase experiences, moments and memories. Don’t let cannabis become your only experience, rather let it guide you and help make memories that much more special. 

With that being said here is my official Stoner Bucket List of 20 tasks and challenges that should not only elevate your high but strengthen your connection with cannabis.

  1. Hit a Volcano Vaporizer next to a volcano.
  2. Get a medical marijuana card.
  3. Bring a weed cake to a family dinner.
  4. Nail a job interview while you’re high.
  5. Give a homeless person some weed.
  6. Live in Amsterdam for a year.
  7. Smoke rapper weed with a rapper.
  8. Eat Oreos as cereal.
  9. Smoke with a cop/in a cop car.
  10. Have sex while you’re high.
  11. Smoke a 30gram blunt.
  12. Smoke with your parents.
  13. Roll a cross joint.
  14. Attend a legalisation protest.
  15. Pop someone’s weed cherry.
  16. Become a master of agriculture by growing your own plant.
  17. Cop a pound.
  18. Smoke in international waters.
  19. Take a hit of some dabber wax.
  20. Rip a bong, hit a dab, puff a joint and eat two edibles in one sesh.

Let us know in the comments what you have or haven’t done and let’s start challenging ourselves in the spirit of Irie. What else would you add to your personal Stoner Bucket List? 

Peace, love and success
– Billy Bong

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