Billy Bong’s Best Rolling Papers

The options are just about limitless when it comes to rolling papers, but most of us only know about our select favourites. So what more is out there in the world of rolling papers? Billy Bong knows!

best rolling papers

Hello, stoners and welcome back to another in-depth review with your boy Billy Bong. This week we are going to be looking at what I deem as the best rolling papers and why.

I also hope during these boring times of isolation you are staying entertained and most importantly safe, so without further delay let’s take it away! 

  • Raw King-Size Slim Organic Hemp Papers
    • They are made in Spain from only the highest grade of organic hemp and even use a natural hemp gum adhesive so it can be sealed tightly. They are ultra-thin, almost translucent, so the smoker tastes what’s inside the paper and not the paper itself.
  • Elements 300 Ultra-Thin 1.25-Inch Papers
    • They are packed with 300-leaves to a pack, so the smoker doesn’t have to keep a large number of different packs around the house to make sure that they always have a rolling paper available. They have a 76mm by 44mm size, so they roll up into just the right size and shape as a cigarette
  • OCB Pure Hemp Rolling Papers 
    • Pure Hemp papers are 100% natural and free from chemicals. That’s because they’re made from 100% pure hemp. King size unbleached papers burn slow and won’t taint the taste of your roll-up in the slightest. Even the gum that seals the papers together is 100% natural.
  • OCB Premium King Size Slim Rolling Paper With Filter Tips
    • OCB Premium Kingsize Slim Papers and Filters are a new product from the famous French brand OCB. These handy packs mean you will never need to fill your pockets up with unnecessary stuff as these have everything you need to make a quality roll-up.
  • Juicy Jays
    • Juicy Jay’s papers are suitable for those who would love to get extra flavours from their joint papers. Juicy Jay’s rolling papers have been infused with over 32 different flavours to give smokers different smoking experiences.
  • Pure Hemp
    • Pure Hemp rolling papers are the products of Miquel y Costas y Miquel, a leading rolling paper manufacturer based in Barcelona. These papers are made out of 100% natural materials.

These above rolling papers should give you a good outline to buying the best rolling paper possible even if you’re on a budget. I personally use these brands and see them as some o the best rolling papers. Let us know your favourite rolling papers!

Peace, love and success
– Billy Bong

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