Billy Bong’s Strain of the Month for May: Rolex OG

It's always a good time when Rolex OG is involved. This tasty indica will leave you feeling lazy and wondering where time has gone!

Rolex OG

Hello and high fellow stoners, and welcome back to another strain of the month, a dedicated section of Cannabis News letting you, the viewer, know some of our top strains and favourite smokes of the month. 

This month I was surprisingly able to get my hands on Rolex OG, which isn’t the most common strain locally but definitely one worth trying. This is especially true for the seasoned stoner due to its potent THC content coming in at 17% and long high.

Rolex OG, bred by Devil’s Harvest Seeds, is an indica-dominant hybrid of White Fire OG and Kuchi. This tasty combo creates a complex flavour profile that mixes the skunky, pine flavours of OG Kush with sharp cheesy undertones. 

The effects from Rollex OG start with an uplifting burst of cerebral energy that borders on psychedelic, eventually levelling off into a relaxing body buzz that creeps up slowly and disbands stress and muscle tension.

Now although this rare strain may seem overwhelming due to its psychedelic like effects, I do suggest grabbing some if it ever pops up as the psychedelic effects spoken about truly are minimal and come in the form of simply feeling lighter on your feet. The strain is also highly appealing to the eye with white green and frosty nugs and density that should put a smile on your face.

Seeing as I enjoyed this strain so much, I am making Rolex OG my strain of the month and a new personal favourite for those lazier days.

So as always stoners – stay safe and stoned.

Peace, love and success
– Billy Bong

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