Bobby Greenhash Causes Fight at Bottlestore

Bobby Greenhash, a local cannabis advocate, has a lot to answer for after he started a fight at a TOPS bottle store.

Sheldon Cramer

Bobby Greenhash, more commonly known as Sheldon Cramer, caused a fight at a local bottle store after being refused entry because he was not wearing a facemask. He has since apologised for his actions, stating that it was “a result of frustration of this whole Covid lockdown”.

Watch the full video. 

In the video clip, recorded by Cramer himself, we see him react to being denied entry into the bottle store for not wearing a facemask. He responds by stating that “Guys, you don’t have to wear a mask, it’s not against the law, it’s Level 3, it’s bullsh*t.”. In fact, he believes this so strongly that he repeats it throughout the video, further stating “Go look at level 3 regulations, dude I’m a lawyer, I know what I’m f*cking talking about”. 

Unfortunately for Cramer, level 3 regulations quite clearly state that masks must be worn in public places, and that a person may not enter public buildings without a face mask. Shops can also reserve the right of admission, allowing them to legally deny entry. 

Things get heated quickly as Cramer and his friend taunt the TOPS guard, who is just trying to do his job. They jeered at his accent and pushed the camera in the man’s face telling him to say hello – and without surprise, the TOPS employee reacted. The employee reacts by pushing Cramer away from him, to which Cramer laughs and states that he’s going to fetch his bat. 

A true physical altercation then happens between the guard and Cramer’s friend, with Cramer sniggering in the background. Now Cramer believes he’s done enough and threatens to open up a court case against the employee, laughing hysterically throughout the whole ordeal. 

The fight breaks up, with Cramer’s friend coming off second best. Various TOPS employees have now gathered at the shop entrance until the manager arrives to fully defuse the situation. The two parties start talking and this is where the clip comes to an end. 

Cramer later took to Facebook to apologise. You can find this apology on News24

What do you make of Sheldon Cramer and his actions? Do you think he will still be loved by ‘his’ local cannabis community? Let us know in the comments below. 

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1 year ago

He has done a lot for the poorer community not only with herbal medicines but also feeding platforms for the hungry (which are plenty at the moment).he has apologised. So please ( Bobby) as we know him… please………