Bongalong Bong Drops

Are you looking for a way to add some flavour to your bong hits? Well, we think we may have found the answer! Check out the whole review to see what we think of the Bongalong Bong Drops.

bong drops

Bongs are one of the most common ways people consume cannabis. However, bongs can get a little boring and don’t always have the best taste. So how can you add a little flavour to your bong rips? Well, Bongalong Bong Drops may be the answer to that. 

Who is Bongalong? 

Bongalong South Africa is a local brand whose claim to fame, as you may be able to guess, are their unique selection of bongs. Providing locally produced and high-quality products, they aim to embody the South African cannabis culture and provide bongs like no other – locally or internationally.

As the years have gone by, since their inception in 2013, they have grown to offer more than just bongs. Their range has extended to pipes, bowls, bong cleaner, and now – Bong Drops! Today we’ll focus on these drops and see how they do and what they do to your bong sessions. 

The Design & Appearance 

The Bong Drops are a fairly simple product in terms of appearance. Externally, you are met with a sleek and neat design of their boxing. Each variant with its flavour and associated colour readily visible, and accompanied by that Bongalong logo many of us know well. 

Within, you are presented with a dropper bottle, similar to those of vape liquids. Each bottle has a child safety lock cap and seals nicely, keeping those juicy flavours within. 


What is the purpose of these bong drops? They are there to add some flavour to your bong rips of course. Sometimes, a straight rip can be quite earthy and harsh during inhalation. 

The Bongalong Bong Drops most definitely added plenty of flavour to a rip! The drops added a great flavour, without overpowering the cannabis entirely. They did also appear to have some sort of soothing effect on the smoke, making rips both a little smoother on the throat and lungs. 

The only issue we came across with these drops is that some of the stronger, less subtle flavours can linger in your piece after a wash or two. This does seem to be more applicable to intricate glass pieces, as we had no trouble with straight pipe acrylic bongs. 


Talk about a flavour sensation!

Bongalong recommends anywhere between 15-30 drops in your bong, depending on how intense you want their flavours to show through. We stuck in the 15-20 drop range and found this to be enough for us, going over this just seemed to make the flavour too potent. 

Bongalong was also kind enough to send us their entire range of flavours, and you better believe we tried them all!

Here is the teams ranking of the flavours alone: 

  1. Grape 
  2. Green Apple 
  3. Strawberry 
  4. Lemon 
  5. Vanilla
  6. Orange 
  7. Peppermint 

Price Point 

A 15ml bottle of Bongalog Bong Drops will cost you R129.00 from their website. At first, we did think this was a little pricey for a novelty item, but after seeing how long these drops last due to how little you use (and they don’t have to be refreshed after each hit), and discovering their effectiveness, the price is fair. 


Here we see an awesome, local brand with another lekker product. Although this is a bit of a novelty item and wouldn’t say this belongs in your smoke kit, it certainly does add quite a lot for something so small. 

If you prefer a bit of flavour when smoking, rather than just straight zoot, then you will love these! They’re fun, tasty and just give you the chance to change things up when you feel like having a more flavourful hit. 

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