The Wombo Combo: Weed & Energy Boosters

Most of my days start with an old school cup of java and a jiggy jay to get things going, but recently I've decided to change things up. I’ve started supplementing my coffee with energy boosters like Superzest or 5-Hour Energy shots.


The funniest part of this whole process is the extreme energy highs and lows I started experiencing. The truth is that mixing high levels of caffeine with bud really isn’t recommended and usually confuses your body big time I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to lie down and chill or try solve a world crisis.  

Now in order to best present my findings to you, I’ve created a list to highlight what I’ve experienced in my experiment: 

  • Physical confusion: If your the type of person that gets overwhelmed by physical effects – this is definitely not for you. Mixing these two substances is completely contradictory and will probably result in caffeine-induced anxiety.
  • Extreme Energy Bursts: The truth is, due to your body already being in a relaxed state after consuming cannabis, taking an energy shot puts your body in a strange position as it doesn’t know how to present that energy so you end up having waves on energy that come on and off due to the pre-existing state induced through weed.
  • Lack of focus: In general, focusing on weed can be a challenge to those not seasoned to it. So combining energy shots like Superzest and weed simply means your brain is now everywhere but nowhere simultaneously.

So as I always say – keep it clean green as this combo honestly just made me feel like I was either coming onto something highly energy-based or ready for a long nap.

Peace, love & success

– Billy Bong

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