Can Cannabis Heighten Intimacy Between You and Your Partner?

Cannabis helps heighten many sensations, allowing for people to enjoy music, food, art and other sensations like they have never experienced before. So can the same be said for cannabis adding to experiences in the bedroom?

cannabis heighten intimacy

A recent study tackled the question “Can cannabis heighten intimacy?” found that cannabis can create opportunities for intimacy, whether it be physical or emotional. There aren’t an abundance of studies relating to personal cannabis use, particularly the consumption by couples. However, emerging legal markets have opened the industry to more formal studies, giving scientists and researchers the ability to study the plant in isolation, as well as the effect on individuals and relationships. 

What the Studies Say

The journal Cannabis published a recent study which claims that, unlike alcohol, cannabis has a positive impact on couples when they consume in unison, increasing the likelihood of intimacy and providing greater opportunities for bonding. 

The study may have been small in scale, with just 183 married or cohabiting couples. All of which claimed to be active cannabis consumers. Those conducting the study asked couples to monitor their cannabis intake over a 30 day period, with experiences being reported by the subjects through their smartphones – both before and after consumption. 

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Couples were asked to provide brief reports each morning, indicating whether they’d consumed cannabis and whether they had an ‘intimate experience’ or not, and specifying the time where necessary. The definition of an intimate experience was rather wide, ranging from sex and meaningful conversations, to interactions that expressed love, support and care.  

Analysing the Data 

After the 30 day study had concluded, researchers analysed the data and established that cannabis consumption increased a couple’s likelihood of having an intimate experience, particularly within the first two hours after consuming cannabis. This increased level of intimacy remained even if just one partner consumed cannabis, disproving other studies that state personal/individual drug use adds stress to a relationship. 

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In order to fully understand the extent of influence cannabis may have on a relationship and intimacy, further studies are required. Studies are needed with a focus being larger samples of couples and a longer time period for them to be monitored in. 

This isn’t the first time that cannabis has a positive association with relationships. The plant has been called an aphrodisiac by many, and a 2019 study found that cannabis improves sex and the likelihood of orgasms, when it comes to women in particular. So it looks like cannabis heighten intimacy. 

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[…] The authors observed that “the exact mechanisms by which cannabis may increase sexual function in women is unknown” but “the endocannabinoid system has been postulated to be involved in female sexual function.” They point out that previous studies “have demonstrated that increased amounts of endogenous cannabinoids … are associated with increased sexual arousal.” […]