Can Orgasms Help Your Endocannabinoid System?

Orgasms are incredibly good for the human body in a number of ways, and it turns out that they might be good for your Endocannabinoid System too!

orgasms help your endocannabinoid system

Can orgasms help your endocannabinoid system? This question has been a hot topic since a 2017 study hypothesized that endocannabinoids could play an important role in the sexual response cycle.

Cannabinoids Explained

Endocannabinoids are cannabinoids that are produced within the body naturally. They bind to and activate cannabinoid receptors, much like THC and CBD from cannabis. The study in 2017 showed a significant increase in the body’s levels of a specific endocannabinoid known as 2-AG post-orgasm. This molecule may help contribute to the experience that we know as “post-coital bliss”.

So, if you’re looking to improve the functioning of your ECS system, should you be looking to orgasms as part of your self-care routine?

Get Down to Get Up

Dr Genester Wilson-King, obstetrician and cannabis advocate was also interested in the 2017 study. She says that endocannabinoids may play an important role in the sexual response cycle. There is little evidence to support this theory, although it isn’t conclusive by any means. However, the ECS system does well with short term strong cannabinoid production, similar to what happens during exercise.

Since orgasms stimulate the ECS by being both an enjoyable side effect of “sexercise”, as well as boosting endocannabinoid levels in their own right, they could definitely help with stimulating the ECS system. Dr Sulak, founder of Integr8 Health, says that sex and orgasm could be a triple whammy for the ECS system. It involves touch, which is a strong way of stimulating the ECS system. Social grooming activities that are seen in other animals and physical touch are a great way to improve endocannabinoid release.

Doctor’s Orders

If orgasm helps the ECS system, how often should one be taking advantage of this to see a benefit? Sulak suggests that any activity that strongly stimulates the endocannabinoid system, whether it be orgasm or intense exercise, should be done at least once a day.

Women could benefit from more than one orgasm a day. Dr Wilson Kind suggested that cannabis could potentially help bring about multiple orgasms for women. Sulak says that a lot of men don’t realize they can orgasm without ejaculation. “The practice is essentially to approach orgasm very slowly and cautiously, then wait in that space that leads up to orgasm. It starts out feeling like a very narrow space where they kind of get right up to the edge and then fall over. With enough practice that edge can become miles long, and they can remain at the edge and have all sorts of orgasmic feelings and actual contractions in their body without ejaculation.”

Cannabis Can Help Release Endocannabinoids

Cannabis is a libido enhancer. It helps you relax and can lead to better body awareness and sensitivity. Cannabis is multifactorial, it affects the brain, the body, the tissue and sensitivity. It can also help women who suffer from painful sex to relax and makes it a more enjoyable experience.

For anyone looking to utilize this information in a helpful way, a small dose of THC can help a person compartmentalize their day and fully engage in sex, which creates a sacred space and new mindset.

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