Canada Calls on Cannabis Labs to Aid with COVID-19 Testing

The cannabis industry is playing a part in the battle against COVID-19, and licensed labs are amongst the first to come into play.

cannabis labs to aid with COVID-19 testing

Health Canada is working around the clock to successfully identify their national lab capacity, and the agency has surprisingly reached out to cannabis labs to help with COVID-19 testing.

Marijuana Business Daily has learned that Canada is currently experiencing a COVID-19 testing backlog. In Ontario alone, 10,965 people have coronavirus test results pending.

In a message to licensed cannabis researchers and labs around Canada, acting Director-General Joanne Garrah said: “If you have lab capacity within your facility and are interested in assisting, please notify us by email.”

The acting Governor also said in a press statement that the public should refrain from panicking and see this announcement as a precaution towards the rapid spread of COVID-19 and a direct approach to prepare against the spread of this disease.

The message also stated the country is looking to identify laboratory capacity in various sectors with only 111 analytical testing licenses being confirmed so far, and cannabis labs help with COVID-19 testing would take a weight off some shoulders.

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