Cannabis Activist and Icon, Julian Stobbs, Murdered During Robbery

It is with a heavy heart that we write this article today. Julian Stobbs, a pioneer of the cannabis movement in South Africa, has passed away after being fatally shot in an armed robbery.

Julian Stobbs

Julian Stobbs has been an activist for cannabis for decades, but began his local journey to cannabis icon in South Africa in 2010. Here, he and his partner Myrtle Clarke were arrested after police raided their home in August 2010. 

However, with determination, they turned their case on its head and used this moment as the first stepping stone in their journey towards legal cannabis for all in our country. It was at this moment that they formed the famous Dagga Couple.

The well-known activist was sadly killed in an armed robbery near Lanseria, Johannesburg, in the early hours of Friday (the 3rd of July) morning. Robbers reportedly cleared out the house before returning to shoot Julian in the bedroom. 

Police spokesperson, Captain Kay Makhubele, has not made a public comment as of yet. 

Without Julian and Myrtle, South Africa may not have achieved the milestone of decriminalising cannabis for personal and private consumption and cultivation in 2018. Who knows where the local community and industry may be at this point if it wasn’t for the decade worth of perseverance from Julian and Myrtle. 

Our deepest condolences go out to Myrtle Clarke, Julian’s family, Fields of Green for All and the local cannabis community. We will forever be grateful for the change that Julian Stobbs has brought to the cannabis landscape in South Africa. 

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Tom le Roux
Tom le Roux
11 months ago

It is unimaginable that this has happened.
RIP Jules
You were the one who set me on my coarse.
Much respect!
My deepest condolences to Myrtle and their families and friends.

a non
a non
11 months ago

I am really saddened about this. All they wanted to do was give the freedom back to the country the cultrure was oppressed and what does the country give back but to go back to old ways