Cannabis Education for Employers, Managers and HR Professionals Now Available in South Africa

EduCann, a local cannabis education company, has partnered up with Schindlers Attorneys and RCU Canada to provide cannabis educational resources to South African business owners, employers, managers and HR professionals. All with the aim of breaking down stigmas and making the workplace fairer for all.

cannabis education in South Africa

Much has changed in the local cannabis landscape since September 2018. The cannabis community around SA rejoiced as things finally seemed to be going in their favour, although there is still much to debate on our local cannabis legislation. 

However, as excited and as prepared as the community was, businesses across the country were not! The legal consumption of cannabis by employees was a factor that businesses had never had to take into consideration until recently. Therefore, it is up to business owners, employers, managers and HR professionals to take active measures to stay well informed on key facts, local laws and regulations, and to gain insight into cannabis so as to make responsible and fair choices for their workforces. 

How can you do that you ask? Well, these professionals and businesses can now access RCUs educational cannabis content with a 25% discount on pricing thanks to this local collaboration. 

The cannabis education in South Africa coursework offered by EduCann, Schindlers Attorneys and RCU provides employers, managers and HR professionals with the knowledge of cannabis in South Africa, cannabis consumption, the impact of cannabis impairment at work, and best practices for creating a non-discriminatory workplace. 

After the completion of this course, you will be able to: 

  1. Tell the history of the cannabis plant and identify its characteristics.
  2. Understand the laws and regulations around cannabis use.
  3. Identify impairment and its impact at work.
  4. Understand the role of the employer and employee at work.

Many South African businesses may not like to hear that their employees may be consuming cannabis in their private time, but this is now a reality and needs to be managed in a similar way that alcohol and cigarettes are managed in the workplace. This is vital as many workplace policies implemented before the plant’s decriminalisation in 2018 could potentially be deemed as unconstitutional in this new age of cannabis, particularly if it discriminates against South African adults and their consumption of cannabis in private. 

Cannabis consumers should be able to enjoy a fair, non-discriminatory workplace policy, just like those who consume alcohol or smoke cigarettes. Particularly so if their consumption of cannabis in private does not harm those around them or negatively affect their work performance. 

Cannabis is a reality now and is likely to remain that way, making cannabis education in South Africa that much more important . Being prepared for any further changes in the local cannabis landscape will only benefit your business in the long run. You, as a business owner, employer, manager or HR professional can further assist in breaking down the stigmas around cannabis by taking this online course, helping you better understand cannabis and its implications, and ultimately providing a fairer workplace for all. 

Take a look at the course offering here!

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