Cannabis Energy Drink – Review

As cannabis becomes more widely accepted, and with the changes in legislation, we start seeing the plant being incorporated into any and all products. We now have the “RedBull” of cannabis. Is this cannabis infused energy drink simply a gimmick or does it make the leaf proud.

Cannabis Energy Drink

Who is behind Cannabis Energy Drink?

The Cannabis Energy Drink brand originates from Amsterdam – a cannabis hotspot in the Netherlands. They don’t provide all that much on their history or the story behind the brand. They clearly like to keep things simple… maybe hidden. The idea itself is simple – a hemp-derived energy drink.

Like the cannabis beer we reviewed not too long ago, this energy drink contains no THC. It is manufactured using hemp seed extract. So no, it won’t get you high, which is a good thing! Mixing psychoactive cannabis and caffeine isn’t all that good for the heart.


Their vibe overall seems to be pretty simple with the can’s design. There isn’t necessarily anything that really stands out about their product. It’s a simple green can with a cannabis leaf, their brand name and a call to action for their website – accompanied by some silver accents. The can itself comes in a 250ml variety only. Other than that, the product design really just leaves the consumer wanting a bit more.


To be honest, this cannabis energy drink tastes very much like RedBull. It does have a slightly distinguishable taste, most probably a result of the hemp extract. If you like energy drinks in general, then you’ll like the taste of this too. It is a sweet and sugary all around!

We did also give their mango flavour a try. This, on the other hand, is not as enjoyable at all. The mango flavouring is terribly artificial and leaves little to be desired. The can that the staff at Cannabis News HQ each had a sip of was left over the weekend on a desk never to be seen again… only by the cleaning lady who also refused to indulge.


Cannabis Energy Drink works well as an energy drink. It does provide a good buzz, and gives a good kick of caffeine when you need it most. However, with no THC or any real ‘cannabis’ in the product, it won’t do anything if you’re looking to get goofed. But if you’re about that weed life and don’t dig RedBull or Monster Energy – then this will hit the nail on the head.

Price Point

It would seem that the addition of ‘cannabis’ to the drink is enough to justify a pricier product. Costing more than a RedBull, which comes in the same sized can, it is a few extra bucks. The 250ml can of Cannabis Energy Drink will cost R24 from a Spar near you, while RedBull in the same size costs about R16. We find this hard to justify as they’ve simply added hemp seed extract.

Cannabis Energy Drink Conclusion

At the end of the day, this product seems like a waste of time. It really doesn’t add any value to the market and it would appear that the brand created this beverage simply to jump in on the hype around cannabis products. Taking advantage of the cannabis plant, those that have fought long, and hard for its legislation, as well as the industry being built behind it seems like quite a heavy insult and is something us here at Cannabis News do not support. It is a little something for the people out there who need a little weed in every aspect of their lives – but it really just comes off as a gimmick.

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