Cannabis Vapes Still Selling Despite Rising Illness Toll

Sales of pot vapes seem to have stabilised across the globe, even as the number of injuries related to vape cartridges has entered the thousands.

cannabis vape
Dank Vapes - one of the main counterfeiting brands.

Cannabis vape pens lost significant market share in the legal recreational market across the world from late August ’19 when the first illness was reported, according to data from cannabis analytics firm Headset Inc. 

These declines have steadied in the last month as the news of these cannabis vape related illnesses finds less news circulation. It seems people have forgotten about the incident or have found cartridge suppliers they can trust. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said most affected patients used cannabis vaping products, with many of those obtained from illegal and unregulated sources. Legal products are less likely to contain the “toxic chemicals” that appear to be causing the lung injuries, so sales may begin to climb again if fearful consumers turn from the illicit to the legal market.

“We could see vapour pen sales increase if consumers move their purchases from the black market and into licensed dispensaries where they can be confident they will be able to purchase fully regulated and tested products.”

In the U.S., the National Cannabis Industry Association last week urged the Federal Government to take a similar regulatory approach by removing cannabis from its list of controlled substances and treating it like alcohol, while also making funds available to state medical authorities so they can investigate the illnesses.

In a letter signed by about 800 cannabis executives, policy experts and advocates, the NCIA also called on consumers to immediately stop using illicit-market cannabis vape cartridges.

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