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Candy iV

Stoner Steve’s Strain of the Month for July: Candy iV

Growing, as many will know, is no easy process. I found this out first hand this year as I took on my first homegrow project. Having never grown before, I started simple and decided...
bong drops

Bongalong Bong Drops

Bongs are one of the most common ways people consume cannabis. However, bongs can get a little boring and don’t always have the best taste. So how can you add a little flavour to...
cbd for everyone

Why Doesn’t CBD Work for Everyone?

CBD certainly isn’t the miracle cure that many made it out to be, but it has helped many people all over the world manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life. It is...

Study Finds Cannabinoid Plays Key Role in PTSD and Fear Extinction

One of the hallmark signs of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) is impaired fear extinction – the process that allows our brains to forget traumatic events. A study out of Leiden University in the Netherlands has...
cannabis advice

Why Your Doctor May Not Be the Best Person to Ask for Cannabis Advice

In the 21st century, cannabis is slowly being accepted as a way to treat a variety of different illnesses. However, a large number of doctors and physicians remain in the dark (for the most...
cleaning tips

Cleaning Tips for Your Smoking Paraphernalia

Keeping your smoking paraphernalia clean should be a weekly chore - the longer you leave them dirty, the harder they are to clean. Keeping your toys clean will help them last longer, but will...
cannabis myths

5 Medical Cannabis Myths Busted

There are many myths surrounding medicinal cannabis. The misinformation presents a hurdle to the herb being more widely accepted as a treatment for the multitude of diseases and ailments it can help. Myth 1: Medical...
medical cannabis day

Maui Gets Official ‘Medical Cannabis Day’ Holiday

This new day recognises and commemorates the 20th anniversary of the state being the first to legally pass medical cannabis reforms. The announcement was made by Maui County Mayor Michael Victorino on the 13th...
ideal cannabis dose

What is the Ideal Cannabis Dose?

An ongoing issue with medical cannabis at the moment is the need for a standardised dose. Safe baselines are needed in order to determine a particular individual's perfect dose of cannabis. The plant provides...
buying trends

Report Shows Buying Trends Differ Between Men and Women

Thanks to a report by cannabis analytics company Headset, we have deeper acumens into what those different areas are and greater understand of buying trends between men and women. The data was collected through customer...

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Boveda Cannabis Humidity Packs

Who is Boveda? Despite what you may know, Boveda wasn't created purely for cannabis. It all started with a frustrated cigar lover, who couldn't keep...