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cannabis heighten intimacy

Can Cannabis Heighten Intimacy Between You and Your Partner?

A recent study tackled the question "Can cannabis heighten intimacy?" found that cannabis can create opportunities for intimacy, whether it be physical or emotional. There aren’t an abundance of studies relating to personal cannabis...

What do the 2020 Elections Mean for Cannabis Legalisation in the US (and Around...

Despite its turbulent history and not-so-stellar international reputation, the U.S. still holds a large degree of influence over cultural trends in the world. With issues such as gay marriage and cannabis, elected officials have...

The Coronavirus Pandemic and Pot, Some Things to Keep In Mind

This pandemic has people clearing the shelves of all toilet paper and hand sanitizer as mild panic spreads with fears of catching the Coronavirus. Most of the world are taking extra precautions to avoid...
smokeless cannabis consumption

Time to Try Smokeless Cannabis Consumption Methods Amidst COVID-19

Avoiding smoking cannabis and trying some smokeless cannabis consumption methods is the smart thing to do at this point. Smoke, whether it be from a joint, cigarette or even a braai, can cause certain...
Goodleaf CBD

Goodleaf, Cape Town’s First CBD Dispensary

Shortly after South Africa’s Health Minister, Aaron Motsoaledi, legalised the commercialisation of Cannabidiol (CBD), Cape Town already has a dispensary. All thanks to the good people from Goodleaf. Founded by Jenni Katz and Warren Schewitz,...
relief for IBS

Medical Cannabis Provides Relief for IBS Patients

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can be frustrating and isolating for patients, and affects roughly 11% of the global population. IBS is considered to be a chronic disease. Some patients experience mild and manageable symptoms,...
cannabis seeds

Getting Started – What You Need to Know About Cannabis Seeds

Seeds are something so small and pretty simple initially, but become a lot more important when put into the context of growing! Most commonly, cannabis grows are started in one of two ways: seeds...
zimbabwe cannabis farm

Zimbabwe: The Home of Green Ivory

If you could decide to have a grow-op where would you put it? We’re sure you have some creative ideas - do share them in the comments - but maybe not as creative as Zimbabwe's… Fittingly,...
terpenes and pain

Researchers Given 3.9 Million Dollars to Investigate Terpenes & Pain

Terpenes are in the spotlight again at the moment, as the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) Cannabis Research Initiative obtained a $3.9 million (R 74 264 580.00)  grant to study the relationship...
use of cannabis by the elderly

The U.S. Sees 75% Increase in Senior Cannabis Use

A recent study published in JAMA Internal Medicine has shown the use of cannabis by the elderly is experiencing quite the rise. This further exhibits the recent trends of cannabis inclusivity as the plant...

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