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The Story Behind 420

The 20th of April (4/20) has been coined as the day of cannabis culture across the globe, while the time 4:20 is a signal to all tokers that the day is coming to an...
CBD and epilepsy

The Basics of CBD and Epilepsy

In 2018, a 6 year old in the UK named Alfie Dingley was granted a medical cannabis license. This is after his parents had spent years searching for a medication that would assist with...
fake THC

The Terpenes in Cannabis Vape Pods May be Toxic

When these fake THC cartridges are made, the natural terpenes are initially removed in order to produce pure THC for the liquids. They are then later added back into the vape cartridges for the...
police reform

Will Legal Weed Help Police Reform?

American Presidential Elect, Bernie Sanders, is using his voice to call for police reform, starting with the legalisation of cannabis. Bernie may not be the next president of the US, but he is one...
How To Grow Marijuana In Extreme Heat

How To Grow Marijuana In Extreme Heat

Hot, dry climates with clear skies don't have to be kak for marijuana. Most plants in hot climates struggle because they don't get enough water or have shallow roots which are toasted in the...
smoking cannabis during COVID-19

Smoking Cannabis During COVID-19 – Is It a Smart Idea?

If you’re one of the many toking away your worries about the ongoing pandemic, doctors are saying you may want to think twice.  Why Should You be Concerned?  Smoking cannabis, even if it’s occasionally, can put...
zol barbie

Zol Barbie Exposes Herself – an Interview

We were lucky enough to have a little chat with the legendary Zol Barbie, one of the pioneers in the South African cannabis industry. She has been involved from the start and watched the...
cannabis and chemotherapy

A Personal Perspective on Cannabis’ Role in Chemotherapy

As most of us are aware, CBD oils have been linked to several medical benefits including anxiety relief, pain management, anti-inflammatory and cancer treatment depending on the condition. Although CBD oil is a healthy...
movies to watch in isolation

5 Movies to Watch While Stoned in Isolation

As we all know, South Africa is in the midst of a national shutdown. On Thursday the 26th of March at midnight, in order to fight and combat the spread of COVID 19, isolation...
Rolex OG

Billy Bong’s Strain of the Month for May: Rolex OG

Hello and high fellow stoners, and welcome back to another strain of the month, a dedicated section of Cannabis News letting you, the viewer, know some of our top strains and favourite smokes of...

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Monks Gin: Mary Jane Hemp Infused Gin

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