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cannabis plant varieties

The Cannabis Plant Varieties: Sativa, Indica, & Ruderalis

Cannabis has existed for thousands of years, and has been found scattered throughout the globe, being utilised by humans for much of our early years on this planet. The different varieties of cannabis plant...
CBD for pets

CBD and Your Pets

The science and study of cannabinoid medicine for pets is lacking. However, there are a few things to be learned from the science of cannabis and dogs and cats, even as this field of...

1 in 10 Women Use Cannabis to Ease Pain Associated with Endometriosis

What is Endometriosis? Endometriosis is a chronic inflammatory condition that causes tissue similar to that found in the lining of the uterus to grow outside of the womb. It affects around one in ten women...

Bermuda Looking to Legalise Cannabis

As perceptions around cannabis change, more countries open up to the concept. Bermuda may be the next Caribbean nation to propose a framework for a regulated market.  Senator Kathy Lynn Simmons, Attorney-General and Minister for...
police reform

Will Legal Weed Help Police Reform?

American Presidential Elect, Bernie Sanders, is using his voice to call for police reform, starting with the legalisation of cannabis. Bernie may not be the next president of the US, but he is one...
bottle nutrients

The Dassie Grow Diaries: Getting Caught Up in the Bottle Nutes Hype

There’s something about organic growing that sounds wholesome, and guilt-free. Having an integrated biological diverse ecosystem within your plant’s container is just so satisfying to think about. It’s not just some brown dirt, but...
Holy Roly Herbal Rolling Mix Holy Roly Herbal Rolling Mix

Holy Roly Herbal Rolling Mix

Who is Holy Roly?  The Holy Roly brand was born in the Garden Route on the southern coast of South Africa. It all started with a man named Martin Glinister, a herbalist from the cape,...

COVID-19 Might Force Distribution Delay for Germany’s First Cannabis Harvest

The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices in Germany wrote that it cannot be ruled out that there may be a delay in the first delivery as a result of COVID-19. The domestic...
menstrual cycle

How Cannabis Can Affect the Menstrual Cycle

Weed, with its wide range of phytocannabinoids like THC and CBD, has long been used in traditional medicine for reproduction and fertility. Scientists are now beginning to understand just how important the endocannabinoid system...
new cannabis laws

SA Government Goes to Work on New Cannabis Laws

In what was called a ‘National Drug Master Plan’ which was published on the 25th of June, the department said that the new cannabis laws and rules would be in line with the Constitutional...

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