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cannabis breathalyzer

The World’s First Cannabis Breathalyser Could be Available Soon

This new drug testing method - the cannabis breathalyzer - may be able to indicate to the authorities if you are under the influence of cannabis, using only saliva. The common test here in South...
Hemp farm

Zimbabwe Intends to Make the Most from the Hemp Agricultural Sector

Zimbabwe is planning on extending its earnings from the agricultural sector, by expanding from tobacco and cotton to hemp, an industrial cannabis strain with numerous economic uses and benefits. In fact, this is not the...
Goodleaf CBD

Goodleaf, Cape Town’s First CBD Dispensary

Shortly after South Africa’s Health Minister, Aaron Motsoaledi, legalised the commercialisation of Cannabidiol (CBD), Cape Town already has a dispensary. All thanks to the good people from Goodleaf. Founded by Jenni Katz and Warren Schewitz,...
HelloMD South Africa

California Canna-tech company, HelloMD, enters the South African Market

A new age is dawning on the South African cannabis industry. With the decriminalisation of homegrown marijuana possession and consumption, as well as the sale and purchase of hemp-derived CBD products, we are entering...
cannabis legalisation in the Eastern Cape

Creating a Flourishing Economy via Cannabis Legalisation in the Eastern Cape

Promising Words in Open Discussion on Cannabis Legalisation With cannabis legalisation becoming more of a reality, Eastern Cape premier - Oscar Mabuyane - was speaking during a cannabis stakeholder engagement at the International Convention Centre...
Cannapax Marijuana dispensary

People Are Paying Big Bucks To Open Marijuana Dispensaries In South Africa

Once the personal and private consumption of cannabis was decriminalised in South Africa, the industry began to take off and the market boomed - and opened up space to open a marijuana dispensary. If you...
CBD and F.E.C.O. Oil

The Difference Between CBD and F.E.C.O. Oils

CBD has amazing potential to help numerous chronic medical conditions such as intractable pain, nervous system conditions, and mental health conditions. This is a miracle for everyone suffering but is not necessarily a new...
cannabis cultivation

Leaders in Cannabis Cultivation Across the Continent of Africa

Cannabis cultivation has the potential to help Africa advance in more ways than one, and with increasing legalisation across the world, the continent may unlock a new revenue stream. Africa is finally emerging as a...

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