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How and Why Cannabis Has Different Colours

As your cannabis experience expands as either a consumer or grower, you start to realise that the plant is a lot more complex than just something that gets you high. You start to understand...

CBD’s Star Set to Rise in the Face of a Pandemic

The novel Coronavirus may have wiped out whole industries in the long tail of its economic cyclone, yet it has shaken up others, leaving them ripe for the kind of innovation that only a...
what are moonrocks

Moonrocks – What are They and How do You Smoke Them?

Moonrocks are not all that common here in South Africa, but these are one of the best ways to combine a couple of cannabis forms for the ultimate nug with some serious potency!  What are...
history of cannabis

Cannabis: The Origin Story

From the sites where prehistoric hunters and gatherers lived, to ancient China and Viking ships, cannabis has been used across the world for millennia. Before marijuana became illegal, it had a long history of...
can CBD treat depression in elephants

Can CBD Treat Depression in Elephants?

Zookeepers at Poland’s Warsaw Zoo are going to be putting this to the test in a new research initiative. They have announced their new project in which they will test whether CBD oil can...
malta has run out of weed

Malta has Run Out of Weed

There are roughly 400 000 adult and medical cannabis consumers on the Mediterranean archipelago. These consumers have been left frustrated in their search for cannabis as Malta is in the middle of one of...
weed vending machine

Weed Vending Machine a Reality in Colorado

Colorado’s Strawberry Fields dispensary in Pueblo is the first in the American state to get their hands on a weed vending machine. The modern world, with some help from COVID-19, is becoming a place...
women who consume cannabis

Sexual Satisfaction for Women Who Consume Cannabis

The study was published in the journal Sexual Medicine, with evidence that suggests that women who consume cannabis regularly experience better orgasms, more arousal and have a higher level of sexual satisfaction overall. This...
cannabis for cancer

Cancer Cells and Cannabis – New Research

As the body of research grows around cannabis, more places are making medicinal allowances for the plant. The plant has been accepted for a limited number of conditions, however, cannabis in the sphere of...

Stoner Steve’s Strain of the Month for August: Zkittles

Finding decent cannabis strains locally can be tough - it seems like places such as Canada or the US have all the good stuff. However, with the growing cannabis community, more growers are finding...

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Leaf Labs 30ml Daily CBD Oil – 1000mg

CBD is all the rage at the moment, and local brand Leaf Labs are looking to make a name for themselves in the South...