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Julian Stobbs

Cannabis Activist and Icon, Julian Stobbs, Murdered During Robbery

Julian Stobbs has been an activist for cannabis for decades, but began his local journey to cannabis icon in South Africa in 2010. Here, he and his partner Myrtle Clarke were arrested after police...
holding in your smoke

Does Holding in Your Smoke Get You Higher?

It turns out that holding in your smoke after you’ve taken a puff to get ‘higher’ may be one of the biggest misconceptions about cannabis. What may have originally been some stoners idea has...
export medical cannabis

Israel Approved to Export Medical Cannabis

At the beginning of May Israel announced its approval to export medical cannabis, meaning sales outside of the country can now begin. The nation expects to earn millions in revenue from this move. Economy Minister...
what are terpenes

What are Terpenes and What do they do?

Terpenes may just be some of the most underappreciated compounds within the plant, doing their work silently in the background to produce their many therapeutic benefits. We’ve become aware of the effects of cannabinoids...
Critical Jack

Stoner Steve’s Strain of the Month for June: Critical Jack

I’m not usually a sativa kinda guy, I tend to prefer the heavy bodily and mental effects of indica varieties. In such a fast paced world, I look for something to mellow me out...
cannabis for anxiety

Here’s How Cannabis Helps Conquer Anxiety

The relationship between cannabis and anxiety disorders exists but is still largely misunderstood. Because of the unique nature of how anxiety presents itself in each patient, there is no definitive cure with conventional drugs....
why does weed make your eyes red

Why Does Weed Make Your Eyes Red?

Many of us are all too aware of the red-eye-Jedi phenomenon. You’ve just smoked up and you start to feel your eyes get a bit heavy, next thing you look in the mirror and...
orgasms help your endocannabinoid system

Can Orgasms Help Your Endocannabinoid System?

Can orgasms help your endocannabinoid system? This question has been a hot topic since a 2017 study hypothesized that endocannabinoids could play an important role in the sexual response cycle. Cannabinoids Explained Endocannabinoids are cannabinoids that...
ideal age to start consuming cannabis

What is the Ideal Age to Start Consuming Cannabis?

We’ve all heard about multiple reports and studies telling you that consuming cannabis from a young age is not ideal and can have potential negative health implications. But what is the ideal age to...
does CBD help sleep

Does CBD Help or Hinder Sleep?

In today’s high-stress, fast-paced world, a decent night’s sleep is considered a luxury. Insomnia, sleep apnea, and excessive daytime sleepiness cause people to turn to over the counter and prescription medications to relieve their...

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