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Maui Gets Official ‘Medical Cannabis Day’ Holiday

medical cannabis day
This new day recognises and commemorates the 20th anniversary of the state being the first to legally pass medical cannabis reforms. The announcement was made by Maui County Mayor Michael Victorino on the 13th of June at the first licensed dispensary in the area - Maui Grown Therapies. June 14th in the year 2000 saw the governor at the time,...

Report Shows Buying Trends Differ Between Men and Women

buying trends
Thanks to a report by cannabis analytics company Headset, we have deeper acumens into what those different areas are and greater understand of buying trends between men and women. The data was collected through customer loyalty programs that were built into retail point-of-sale systems. The Results The report showed that men consume and purchase more cannabis than women, especially flower and concentrates,...

SA Government Goes to Work on New Cannabis Laws

new cannabis laws
In what was called a ‘National Drug Master Plan’ which was published on the 25th of June, the department said that the new cannabis laws and rules would be in line with the Constitutional Court ruling of 2018 on private use. Back then, the departments were given 2 years to respond and make changes in line with the ruling, which...

Cannabis Activist and Icon, Julian Stobbs, Murdered During Robbery

Julian Stobbs
Julian Stobbs has been an activist for cannabis for decades, but began his local journey to cannabis icon in South Africa in 2010. Here, he and his partner Myrtle Clarke were arrested after police raided their home in August 2010.  However, with determination, they turned their case on its head and used this moment as the first stepping stone in...

Does Holding in Your Smoke Get You Higher?

holding in your smoke
It turns out that holding in your smoke after you’ve taken a puff to get ‘higher’ may be one of the biggest misconceptions about cannabis. What may have originally been some stoners idea has been debunked, as we now know that THC is absorbed through the lungs within milliseconds.  We’ve all done it though, believing that holding it in will...

What are Terpenes and What do they do?

what are terpenes
Terpenes may just be some of the most underappreciated compounds within the plant, doing their work silently in the background to produce their many therapeutic benefits. We’ve become aware of the effects of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD as they become more well known and commonplace in society.  So we have a rough understanding of what cannabinoids are, but...

Stoner Steve’s Strain of the Month for June: Critical Jack

Critical Jack
I’m not usually a sativa kinda guy, I tend to prefer the heavy bodily and mental effects of indica varieties. In such a fast paced world, I look for something to mellow me out - not pump me up! However, every now and then I come across a sativa that is just too good to ignore, and this month...

Why Does Weed Make Your Eyes Red?

why does weed make your eyes red
Many of us are all too aware of the red-eye-Jedi phenomenon. You’ve just smoked up and you start to feel your eyes get a bit heavy, next thing you look in the mirror and your eyes are the same colour as a cherry pie.  This is more true for some than others as everyone is different. However, most of us...

What is the Ideal Age to Start Consuming Cannabis?

ideal age to start consuming cannabis
We’ve all heard about multiple reports and studies telling you that consuming cannabis from a young age is not ideal and can have potential negative health implications. But what is the ideal age to start consuming cannabis?  The Legal Age Debate  Researchers believe that the minimum legal age to buy and consume any form of cannabis should be 19 years old....

New York Bans Pre-Employment Cannabis Testing

New York bans pre-employment cannabis testing
New York bans pre-employment cannabis testing - a huge step forward for the cannabis community. The new law, which took effect in the middle of May, and bans companies from requiring pre-employment testing for marijuana. The only exceptions to this are job applications that are considered safety-sensitive. However, what exactly constitutes a safety-sensitive position is up for debate. The bill...


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