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THC, CBD, & the Entourage Effect

entourage effect
CBD is taking over the cannabis industry at the moment. The cannabinoid that doesn’t get you high has shown a lot of potential in the medical sphere and helps alleviate many symptoms from a  number of different conditions. Across the world, you can find just about anything with infused CBD. Anything from the standard CBD tinctures, capsules, and pet...

What to do if your parents catch you smoking weed?

caught smoking weed
The truth is that parents often do not support cannabis consumption. To some degree, I get it, they literally just want the best for you and unfortunately, they grew up in a time where weed was for the whack. Times have changed - we are in 2019 so it's time to buck up and shut up as you will...

A Johannesburg Dealer tells us why Instagram is the best thing for selling Weed.

weed Johannesburg
Jonty 26 moved between Durban and Capetown while growing up, and now lives in Johannesburg. He exclusively sells indoor hydroponic weed and is expanding his operations to social media to compete with the new "grey" dispensaries popping up all over Johannesburg. Interview:  Cannabis News (CN): Howzit Jonty: Yo what's up dawg   CN: What do you sell and where? Jonty: I sell only the best...

Grass before Glass: The Greenies

So when getting ready for that girls night out or a dop and a chop with the boys, keep in mind that if you have any intention of smoking on this journey it's best to have some method behind your madness if you want to avoid the greenies. Greenies Prevention Methodology: Step 1: Make sure you are not smoking some lame-ass...

The New Normal – a MedMen & Spike Jonze Cannabis Commercial

The world of cannabis has a rather extensive history. From George Washington owning hemp farms to Reefer Madness - an American propaganda film dealing with the dangers associated with smoking marijuana. Not to mention the drug war in the 1980s, consisting of “Stop and Frisk” searches and harsh penalties leading up to 25 years in prison. MedMen is the largest...

Does Shelly Marsh Have a Marijuana Problem?

tegridy farms
For their Halloween Special, South Park aired an episode exploring what the world would be like if the “odd one out” was the person NOT smoking that good kush. The episode emphasises Shelly, one of the younger characters who openly shows her disgust towards the town embracing cannabis for what it is. The town turned canna-friendly thanks to Tegridy...

Zol Barbie Exposes Herself – an Interview

zol barbie
We were lucky enough to have a little chat with the legendary Zol Barbie, one of the pioneers in the South African cannabis industry. She has been involved from the start and watched the budding industry grow into what it is today. So we caught up for an exclusive interview to find out a little more about who Zol Barbie...

The How and Why of Curing Your Cannabis

curing cannabis
You’ve spent months caring for your plants, now you’re that much closer to tasting that sweet herb you’ve worked so hard to create. Unfortunately, you can’t just snip your buds and smoke away. There’s one more vital step to take - to cure that flower! Curing cannabis is an unappreciated step in the process but it is just as...

Harvesting 101

harvesting 101
Harvest time is the most exciting step of the process for pro and amateur growers. All the hard work has almost paid off and you can nearly taste that sweet bud. Your grow largely depends on when you decide to cut the cord. The best possible outcome depends on this, which is why it’s so important to do it...

Top 3 Eye Drops For Stoners

eye drops
So as many of us know, smoking weed generally results in either having red or glossy eyes. But do not fear as Billy Bong is here with his top 3 eye drops for stoners or as I like to call them space cadets. Safyr Bleu = Now it may be a little subjective but these bad boys have done me...


grandpas smoke weed

Grandpas First Time

Cannabis is for Everyone There is no age limit for enjoying some good bud and having a laugh with some mates. Cannabis can be enjoyed...

Educate Yourself at a Cannabis College

It could very possibly be one of the fastest-growing industries across the globe. So much so that you can now go to a "Cannabis...

Your Own Cannabis Home Grow

We are heading into Summer here in South Africa, therefore it's the perfect time to start your own cannabis home grow! We have one...


Reakiro Raw Hemp Extract 500mg CBD

Who is Reakiro? Reakiro is a company based in Poland that offers farm to table production to ensure that their customers are receiving the best...

Cannabis Energy Drink – Review

Who is behind Cannabis Energy Drink? The Cannabis Energy Drink brand originates from Amsterdam - a cannabis hotspot in the Netherlands. They don’t provide all...

Rolls Smart Filters – Review

Familiar with that scratchy throat and cough after smoking a fatty? Rolls Smart Filters might help you prevent that. Who is Rolls?  ROLLS69 is a company that...

Boveda Cannabis Humidity Packs

Who is Boveda? Despite what you may know, Boveda wasn't created purely for cannabis. It all started with a frustrated cigar lover, who couldn't keep...

Durban Poison Cannabis Lager

Who is Poison City Brewing? Poison City Brewing was created by a couple of Durban boys - Graeme and Andre. Two gents with a love...


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