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The Ins and Outs of CannabizArt – an Interview

cannabis art
We had a little chat with Marylou from CannabizArt - a cannabis art and activism platform fighting for the cannabis use rights of any and all South Africans. How did CannabizArt start? I had always been involved in cannabis activism, but ramped up our efforts after being raided at home in 2015 by over 20 policemen looking for "drruks". They only...

South Africans Have Found a Way Around the New Cannabis Legislation

cannabis legislation
There have been some exciting changes in cannabis legislation recently The court deemed it an unfair infringement on one’s right to privacy to class personal and private growth or consumption of cannabis as a criminal act. What the court did not do was decriminalise the sale of cannabis as this is not considered one’s privacy. However, groups have now exploited...

What do the new Cannabis Laws in SA mean for those at Work?

cannabis in the workplace
Cannabis Confusion The judgment made in September 2018 does not acknowledge the implications in the workplace, meaning that there are many unanswered questions from employers. An example being that if an employee decided to use cannabis during a lunch break or before work, how is a situation like this managed? Weber Wentzel lawyer Shane Johnson explained that while there are tests...

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?

weed in your system
There never seems to be a definitive answer to the question: “How long will weed stay in my system for?” This is mainly due to the fact that not a whole lot of research has been conducted on this matter. That does tend to happen when a medically-beneficial substance is classed as illegal for a large majority of the 20th...

Goodleaf, Cape Town’s First CBD Dispensary

Goodleaf CBD
Shortly after South Africa’s Health Minister, Aaron Motsoaledi, legalised the commercialisation of Cannabidiol (CBD), Cape Town already has a dispensary. All thanks to the good people from Goodleaf. Founded by Jenni Katz and Warren Schewitz, Goodleaf provides “the next generation of wellness rituals, engineered by nature to restore balance.” Goodleaf provides an array of products, including topicals, tinctures and vape juices....

First Time Smoking Weed? Here’s Some Friendly Advice and THC Tips

first time smoking weed
Your first time smoking weed can be exciting but somewhat daunting. It is not as simple as it used to be seeing as the cannabis industry has moved leaps and bounds since countries started legalising and decriminalising the plant. But not to worry, after playing around a little you’ll get the hang of things! Start Low, Go Slow This is a...

Studies Say Sexual Minorities Smoke the Most Medical Marijuana

Cannabis and homosexuals
A study published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence found differences in cannabis consumption rates among the LGBT+ community and homosexuals when put up against heterosexual patients. The LGB patients reported that they consumed more weed than heterosexual patients — and by quite the margin. The study utilised data from the 2015-2017 National Survey on Drug Use conducted by...

4 Signs of Early Psychosis as Experienced by Billy Bong

early signs of psychosis
Now as someone that has been a heavy smoker for over 7 years, I've regrettably, at times, pushed the limits of my consumption and therefore gotten a nice reminder of why this plant is so powerful. My daily routine at this time consisted of around 5 to 8 grams a day - varying between dabs, hash and the good...

Here Are All the Ways to Smoke Weed and Why They’re Awesome

smoke weed
People have been smoking the mystical cannabis for thousands of years, with some of the earliest recorded instances going back to the days of ancient Greece. The Greeks might have been the world’s first hot-boxers and pioneers to a happy healthier tomorrow, as they preferred to get lit by filling their chariots with smoke. So, here’s a guide to some of...

Stereotypes are Slowly Changing – but Still Exist

cannabis stereotypes
Cannabis is taking the world by storm at the moment. It has become so common that it’s now almost the norm to see weed stories showing up on some of the most conservative of news sites. Even though world views are changing slowly, many media outlets still show cannabis in a negative light. This further perpetuates the stigmas that...


Smoking Five Joints at Once!

Erick Khan is an American Youtuber, with just about all of his content centred around cannabis and smoking it. He's very much recreational, with more...
grandpas smoke weed

Grandpas First Time

Cannabis is for Everyone There is no age limit for enjoying some good bud and having a laugh with some mates. Cannabis can be enjoyed...

Educate Yourself at a Cannabis College

It could very possibly be one of the fastest-growing industries across the globe. So much so that you can now go to a "Cannabis...

Your Own Cannabis Home Grow

We are heading into Summer here in South Africa, therefore it's the perfect time to start your own cannabis home grow! We have one...


Monks Gin: Mary Jane Hemp Infused Gin

Who Is Monks Gin For us to understand what Monks Gin is, we first have to understand who Nic & Di Davis are. These two...

Lucid CBD Review

Who is Lucid? Lucid is a Johannesburg based brand, developed and founded by four awesome dudes that not only understand the plant, but have clear...

Super Sessions – Mad Giant Brewery Cannabis Ale

Who is Mad Giant Walking into the Mad Giant Brewery located in Town at 1 Fox Street you are immediately greeted with contradictory ideas. A...

Reakiro E-Liquid 100mg CBD Vape Juice

Who is Reakiro? Reakiro as a company hails out of Poland. They offer a full range of CBD products, from these CBD vape juices /...

Plantmatter Grow Bag

Who is Plant Matter? Plantmatter's journey all began when the founder started designing and testing grow bags for his personal use. Thereafter they realised there...