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Millennials are Taking Over the Marijuana Industry

Although cannabis consumption is still frowned upon, the millennial generation are changing the stigmas. They’ve been seen as the pioneers of recreational consumption, and have played a massive role in the legalisation of cannabis in the US.  As opposed to baby boomers, millennials have shown a tendency to be more open to new experiences which can further turn into genuine...

Weird and Wacky CBD Products Actually Available Online

CBD products
You can find a CBD infused anything these days, with a number of brands trying to introduce differentiators into a saturated market. It started off with common CBD products like tinctures, creams and vapes before it started spiralling out of control with the introduction of things like CBD coffee and bath bombs.  It didn’t stop there though, as the CBD...

How to Get Hired in the Cannabis Industry

hired in the cannabis industry
People have been fantasizing about working in the weed industry for decades. Of course, for most of that time, it has been very much illegal - until now. With changing views and legislation across the globe, the cannabis industry is making a name for itself. Now could be the best opportunity to get your foot in the door and...

Why Do Cannabis Consumers Struggle to Remember Dreams?

remember dreams
Sleep is hard to come by for many, but if you smoke weed this likely isn’t an issue you’re dealing with. It can provide a deep and peaceful sleep, but marijuana seems to prevent us from remembering our dreams. Why is this so? You may have noticed that since you started consuming cannabis, it seems to have wiped out dreams...

New York Bans Pre-Employment Cannabis Testing

New York bans pre-employment cannabis testing
New York bans pre-employment cannabis testing - a huge step forward for the cannabis community. The new law, which took effect in the middle of May, and bans companies from requiring pre-employment testing for marijuana. The only exceptions to this are job applications that are considered safety-sensitive. However, what exactly constitutes a safety-sensitive position is up for debate. The bill...

Studies Say Sexual Minorities Smoke the Most Medical Marijuana

Cannabis and homosexuals
A study published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence found differences in cannabis consumption rates among the LGBT+ community and homosexuals when put up against heterosexual patients. The LGB patients reported that they consumed more weed than heterosexual patients — and by quite the margin. The study utilised data from the 2015-2017 National Survey on Drug Use conducted by...

How Bad is Cannabis Withdrawal?

cannabis withdrawal
Many of us believe that weed is not addictive, however, one can become mentally addicted and dependent on this plant. It has been acknowledged that cravings, trouble sleeping and mood swings are all something you might experience when refraining from cannabis. However, rehab often isn’t necessary when it comes to weed, but how bad is cannabis withdrawal? Most cannabis consumers...

The Highly Anticipated Cannabis Expo of 2019

The Cannabis Expo 2019
The Cannabis Expo 2019 was definitely one for the hemp bound books. Held at the Sandton Convention Center in Johannesburg, they managed to put on quite the show. The convention centre was packed with over 150 exhibition stands showcasing cannabis at its best. Ranging from large brand stalls, to smaller stands creating awareness and education around this beautiful plant. A...

The Terpenes in Cannabis Vape Pods May be Toxic

fake THC
When these fake THC cartridges are made, the natural terpenes are initially removed in order to produce pure THC for the liquids. They are then later added back into the vape cartridges for the smell and taste.  The catch is when these additives are vapourised, they can potentially produce toxic chemicals which are then inhaled. These terpenes are added to...

THC & Chocolate – Do They Have More in Common Than We Think?

THC and chocolate
What links THC & Chocolate? When you first chowed down on a weed edible, it was probably a brownie, right? This is where most people are introduced to the relationship between cannabis and chocolate. Chocolate is a popular go-to for many when they’re feeling down or depressed. There’s a good reason for this though, as for centuries chocolate was believed...


Smoking Five Joints at Once!

Erick Khan is an American Youtuber, with just about all of his content centred around cannabis and smoking it. He's very much recreational, with more...
grandpas smoke weed

Grandpas First Time

Cannabis is for Everyone There is no age limit for enjoying some good bud and having a laugh with some mates. Cannabis can be enjoyed...

Educate Yourself at a Cannabis College

It could very possibly be one of the fastest-growing industries across the globe. So much so that you can now go to a "Cannabis...

Your Own Cannabis Home Grow

We are heading into Summer here in South Africa, therefore it's the perfect time to start your own cannabis home grow! We have one...


Monks Gin: Mary Jane Hemp Infused Gin

Who Is Monks Gin For us to understand what Monks Gin is, we first have to understand who Nic & Di Davis are. These two...

Lucid CBD Review

Who is Lucid? Lucid is a Johannesburg based brand, developed and founded by four awesome dudes that not only understand the plant, but have clear...

Super Sessions – Mad Giant Brewery Cannabis Ale

Who is Mad Giant Walking into the Mad Giant Brewery located in Town at 1 Fox Street you are immediately greeted with contradictory ideas. A...

Reakiro E-Liquid 100mg CBD Vape Juice

Who is Reakiro? Reakiro as a company hails out of Poland. They offer a full range of CBD products, from these CBD vape juices /...

Plantmatter Grow Bag

Who is Plant Matter? Plantmatter's journey all began when the founder started designing and testing grow bags for his personal use. Thereafter they realised there...