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A Brief Update on South Africa’s Cannabis Laws

South Africa’s cannabis laws
2020 is well underway and many are counting down the months until we get the feedback we’ve all been waiting for in regards to South Africa's cannabis laws and legislature. Various statements have been made this year and we’ve been seeing more politicians rallying for the legalisation of cannabis.  Where We Stand The Regulations of Cannabis Bill, which was drafted by...

Why You Should Think Before You Wake and Bake

wake and bake
What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up in the mornings? Is it that first cup of coffee to get you going or is it a quick toke to get you rolling?  Like many would be able to relate, many opt for the ‘Wake and Bake’ scenario, which includes the two C’s: Coffee & Cannabis. Usually done...

Laughing Through Difficult Times

benefits of laughter
We're living through uncertain times as COVID-19 dominates our Facebook feeds, news media and is impacting the way we live our lives every day. As society appears to be shutting down, it is a difficult situation for each of us. The tension and anxiety are overpowering most people, which subsequently reduces our resistance. The one thing we all can...

Some Benefits of THC Have Nothing to do With Getting High

benefits of THC
The cannabis plant is finally getting the recognition it deserves, especially in terms of the medical properties it possesses. This is allowing for deeper research into the plant and more exciting discoveries to be made. Many cannabis activists fully support the use of full-plant extracts, but more cannabinoids are being isolated and bred for strength by commercial companies. CBD...

Cuban Pilot Freed After Serving Longest Cannabis Sentence in US History

Antonio Bascaro
Antonio Bascaro, now 84 years old, has been released after serving 39 years of a 60-year sentence for his part in a smuggling scheme in the late 1970s, believed to be linked to Narco Cartels. The Cuban combat pilot has finally been released after serving the longest ever jail term in US history for the plant. Part of the reason...

Stoner Steve’s Strain of the Month for April: Zombie Kush

Zombie Kush
Like many other local tokers, I was faced with a dilemma just days before South Africa went into lockdown. I knew I needed some bud in bulk to survive the days of isolation ahead of me. However, I didn’t plan well ahead and found myself with nothing but a couple of grams left the night before the lockdown started!  So...

The Faces Behind ‘fourfivecbd’ – an Interview

Fourfivecbd hasn't been a feature on South African soil for all that long but they're already making an impact on the local CBD and cannabis industry. Started by Dom Day and George Kruis, the UK brand launched in South Africa in October 2019 and have already come a long way since then. Dom and George are professional rugby players and...

Billy Bong Joins a Digital Smoke Fest

digital smoke fest
So with the recent outbreak of COVID-19, people worldwide have been forced to stay indoors and minimalise human contact. The forced lockdowns, although stressful, have given birth to a completely new age of interaction that may have been around for years but never applied in such ways - such as the digital smoke fest! Whether your a stoner or not...

Time to Try Smokeless Cannabis Consumption Methods Amidst COVID-19

smokeless cannabis consumption
Avoiding smoking cannabis and trying some smokeless cannabis consumption methods is the smart thing to do at this point. Smoke, whether it be from a joint, cigarette or even a braai, can cause certain complications with COVID-19.  As much as it is helping us all get through this tough time, it might be time to change consumption methods for...

Cannabis and Mental Illness

cannabis and mental illness
Up until now, the media has painted a certain picture of cannabis and all its derivatives: one where it provides relief from stress and anxiety, and the other where smoking up being the answer, much like a glass of wine, to the end of a stressful day at work. But is cannabis actually that effective at reducing anxiety? What more...


Smoking Five Joints at Once!

Erick Khan is an American Youtuber, with just about all of his content centred around cannabis and smoking it. He's very much recreational, with more...
grandpas smoke weed

Grandpas First Time

Cannabis is for Everyone There is no age limit for enjoying some good bud and having a laugh with some mates. Cannabis can be enjoyed...

Educate Yourself at a Cannabis College

It could very possibly be one of the fastest-growing industries across the globe. So much so that you can now go to a "Cannabis...

Your Own Cannabis Home Grow

We are heading into Summer here in South Africa, therefore it's the perfect time to start your own cannabis home grow! We have one...


Monks Gin: Mary Jane Hemp Infused Gin

Who Is Monks Gin For us to understand what Monks Gin is, we first have to understand who Nic & Di Davis are. These two...

Lucid CBD Review

Who is Lucid? Lucid is a Johannesburg based brand, developed and founded by four awesome dudes that not only understand the plant, but have clear...

Super Sessions – Mad Giant Brewery Cannabis Ale

Who is Mad Giant Walking into the Mad Giant Brewery located in Town at 1 Fox Street you are immediately greeted with contradictory ideas. A...

Reakiro E-Liquid 100mg CBD Vape Juice

Who is Reakiro? Reakiro as a company hails out of Poland. They offer a full range of CBD products, from these CBD vape juices /...

Plantmatter Grow Bag

Who is Plant Matter? Plantmatter's journey all began when the founder started designing and testing grow bags for his personal use. Thereafter they realised there...