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Cannabis Health exists for a reason, as the plant is a medicine for many, and there are so many reasons why. Here we will curate all the latest medical cannabis news and updates, to ensure that you can medicate yourself fairly and responsibly.

Sexual Satisfaction for Women Who Consume Cannabis

women who consume cannabis
The study was published in the journal Sexual Medicine, with evidence that suggests that women who consume cannabis regularly experience better orgasms, more arousal and have a higher level of sexual satisfaction overall. This study is the first of its kind to use a validated survey, which was used to assess the relationship between cannabis use and female sexual...

Cancer Cells and Cannabis – New Research

cannabis for cancer
As the body of research grows around cannabis, more places are making medicinal allowances for the plant. The plant has been accepted for a limited number of conditions, however, cannabis in the sphere of cancer is currently only accepted for addressing chemotherapy-induced nausea.  New evidence has emerged out of the University of Newcastle in Australia, digging deeper into the anti-cancer...

Your Brain on Terpenes

We have understood terpenes outside of cannabis for some time, as it is key for the food, cosmetics, fragrance and pharmaceutical industries. Now it’s time for us to start recognising and using these compounds to our benefit.  Terpenes are the largest class of phytonutrients in green foods and grains - these are the same compounds that contribute to the cannabis...

Cannabis Becoming the Go-To for Chronic Pain Patients

cannabis for chronic pain
Recent research from the Harvard Medical School has found that cannabis consumption for roughly 250 000 chronic pain patients more than doubled during the timeframe of the study.  Almost 1 in 5 South Africans suffer from chronic pain, and research conducted by the Harvard Medical School is suggesting that more people are turning to cannabis for chronic pain relief than...

Why Does Food Taste so Good When You Have the Munchies?

when you have the munchies
The more familiar you become with cannabis, the better you can control associated urges such as the munchies. But any stoner will know that giving in to the munchies always means you’ll have a delicious meal - whether it be takeout, a 5 star meal or a simple toasted cheese. So why does food taste so good when you...

Is it Safe to Consume Cannabis During and After Pregnancy?

consume cannabis during pregnancy
It’s worth mentioning that the side effects of pregnancy don’t magically disappear when the baby is born. Postpartum depression and anxiety are common, and disrupted sleep is the norm. Many of these women will look for a solution that can help address this, so could cannabis be the answer? So is it safe to consume cannabis during pregnancy, and...

Cannabis Shows Promise in Treating Sickle Cell Disease

sickle cell disease
The results of sickle cell disease can be devastating chronic pain, where patients are often prescribed opioids despite their potential side effects and risk for addiction, constipation and respiratory depression. However, a new study published in JAMA Network Open has found that cannabis may provide an alternative or at the very least adjunct treatment to sickle cell patients. The research represents...

How Does Weed Give You The Munchies?

the munchies
If you’ve ever wondered exactly why smoking weed makes you want to devour a box of biscuits after 2 cheeseburgers and a packet of gummy worms, a team of neuroscientists may be one step closer to the answer. Here's how weed gives you the munchies.  The Research Tomas Horvath, a neurobiology professor at Yale, together with his team of researchers, have...

Cannabis for IBD

cannabis for IBD
IBD sufferers often bemoan the way the chronic health issue can impact quality of life, and their ability to eat, sleep, workout and socialize. Cannabis has recently garnered attention as a potential alternative treatment for gastrointestinal disorders. Could it perhaps be the answer that IBD suffers have been looking for? What is IBD? IBD is an umbrella term that encompasses disorders...

Changes to Sperm in Men Who Consume Cannabis

sperm in men who consume cannabis
Scientists at Duke University have found that cannabis may have the ability to affect genes in both male rodents and human beings. Two important pathways have been found to be altered by cannabis consumption. These findings add to the body of evidence related to cannabis and the human reproductive system. So what happens to sperm in men who consume...

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