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A Lesotho-Based Cannabis Company is the First Cannabis-Cultivator in Africa to get Approval to Export the Medicinal Cannabis Flower as an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) to the European Union

A Lesotho-based cannabis company is the first cannabis cultivator in Africa to get approval to export the medicinal cannabis flower as an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) to the European Union. MG Health, which is a licensed cultivator and manufacturer of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extracts and products, will now be exporting cannabis products to Germany. They are based outside of Lesotho’s...

New Cannabis Rules Proposed for South Africa – National Cannabis Masterplan

The Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development recently released a draft national cannabis master plan aimed at commercialising the cannabis industry and turning marijuana into a viable business sector for the country. The proposed government legislation relaxes existing restrictions on cannabis. The aim of which is to establish a globally competitive cannabis industry in South Africa, produce...

Gauteng Wants to Cash in on the Cannabis Industry

A 'spliffing' takeaway from the Gauteng State of the Province (SOPA) address on Tuesday 23rd February is the push to make Gauteng South Africa's weed capital. Premier David Makhura has once again denoted his hope to see the province become the country's leading processor of cannabis, to help stimulate the economy and aid development within the country after the...

How Cannabis Legalisation Could Boost the SA Economy After the Pandemic

3 years on since the decriminalisation of the use, possession and growth of cannabis in South Africa and the question of legalisation is still left up in the air. With the Covid-19 pandemic putting the economy through major strain, the new focus of attention is on how the legalisation of the cannabis industry could possibly help boost the SA...

The Carbon Footprint of Cannabis Production

Indoor operations are blooming with CO2 emissions. Indoor cannabis production throughout the world has a long history of being seen as an energy-intensive practice. The industry of indoor cannabis production, both legal and illicit in some places, uses high energy-intensive processes and is said to be highly inefficient. To put this into perspective, one kilogram of final product is associated...

The Cannabis Expo Heads To Mexico

As one of the world’s biggest cannabis producers, it comes as no surprise that Mexico was chosen as the location for the next renowned The Cannabis Expo event. As a product of international cannabis financing powerhouse JuicyFields as well as the organizers of South Africa’s largest cannabis event, The Cannabis Expo is the largest cannabis event on the African...

Are Grow Clubs Legal in SA?

are grow clubs legal
As of September 2018, South Africa decriminalised cannabis for private use. In addition to This was great news for those who no longer wanted to buy their bud con the sly, but it is kind of complicated for everyone else. The government didn’t make cannabis use legal, and it also didn’t decriminalise production. What does this mean? Well, it...

What do the 2020 Elections Mean for Cannabis Legalisation in the US (and Around the World)

Despite its turbulent history and not-so-stellar international reputation, the U.S. still holds a large degree of influence over cultural trends in the world. With issues such as gay marriage and cannabis, elected officials have often been slow to budge. However, things start to be shifting in favour of marijuana legalisation, and Joe Biden’s recent victory in the 2020 elections...

Three Major Events for Cannabis in South Africa So Far

major events for cannabis in South Africa
The 2020 U.S. elections were good news for cannabis laws in the U.S. - several states voted to legalise it for medicinal or recreational use. But it's not all about the Americans - South Africa has seen some cannabis-related updates too. Although the cannabis industry is still far from legal, these small changes might be steps in the right...

Cheeba Cannabis Academy Opens Africa’s First Campus in Gauteng

campus in gauteng
The burgeoning SA cannabis industry has taken a foundational step forward with the announcement from trailblazer, Cheeba Africa that they are opening the first dedicated cannabis education campus on the African continent. Cheeba Africa has already established a solid online education offering through its international partnership with Medical Marijuana 411 - the global leader in medical cannabis education with...

Combie KS Classic

A stash bag, although handy and necessary to cannabis connoisseurs, can be a bit of a nuisance. It would make much more sense for...

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