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Cheeba Cannabis Academy Opens Africa’s First Campus in Gauteng

campus in gauteng
The burgeoning SA cannabis industry has taken a foundational step forward with the announcement from trailblazer, Cheeba Africa that they are opening the first dedicated cannabis education campus on the African continent. Cheeba Africa has already established a solid online education offering through its international partnership with Medical Marijuana 411 - the global leader in medical cannabis education with...

How South Africa Can Learn from Colorado’s Cannabis Taxation Model

cannabis taxation
There are many reasons to want to go to Colorado, including the weather, the sights, and the local wildlife. However, in 2012 the state of Colorado created another incentive to visit, when they legalised the production, purchase, and consumption of cannabis. This legislation also came with a tax, the first $40 million of which every year must be invested...

Synthetic Marijuana, What are the Dangers and How to Avoid It?

synthetic marijuana
Now that weed has been decriminalised in South Africa, it’ll be easier to control quality and content. However you might still end up coming across dodgy products, so it’s important to be able to distinguish synthetic marijuana and the real deal. Why should you know how to tell them apart?  Fake weed can be dangerous. Normal cannabis products are natural...

Virtual is Dope – Africa Prepares for First Virtual Cannabis Expo

The Cann
Cape Town, South Africa – The cannabis industry is budding with preparations for Africa’s first-ever virtual cannabis expo. The Cannabis Expo, organisers of the continent’s biggest cannabis events, has launched a global virtual meeting point for everyone interested in cannabis business in Africa. The Cannabis Vexpo (Virtual Expo) is a three-day event, which runs 26 – 28 November 2020. “The...

The Dutch ‘Tolerance’ Model and Why It Doesn’t Work

dutch tolerance model
Despite its international fame, the Netherlands’ drug policy is not as open as it seems. The Dutch Tolerance Model one of tolerance rather than legalisation. This means that, though you won’t get in trouble for it (if you’re a resident, that is), smoking is still technically illegal. Production is still not tolerated. Unlike more recent policies, such as the...

Moroccan Authorities Take a Ton of Illegal Cannabis from Smugglers

Moroccan authorities
The Moroccan coast guard had a busy weekend recently as they intercepted nearly 200 illegal immigrants and a ton of cannabis over 2 days in the Meditteranean and Atlantic.  Five people have been arrested in relation to the smugglings, 3 Spanish and 2 Moroccans, and with them seized a few jet skis and a Go-Fast boat as part of their...

Premium CBD Brand, CANNAFRICA, Opens First Retail Store

CANNAFRICA, the lifestyle brand of the first JSE-listed Cannabis company, Labat Africa, celebrated the official opening of its first retail outlet in early October. ABOUT CANNAFRICA: CANNAFRICA is the lifestyle brand of Labat Healthcare; which is the retail division of the first JSE-listed Cannabis company, Labat Africa. CANNAFRICA is a proudly African brand, with its range of premium Cannabinoid-infused products manufactured...

Cannabis Education for Employers, Managers and HR Professionals Now Available in South Africa

cannabis education in South Africa
Much has changed in the local cannabis landscape since September 2018. The cannabis community around SA rejoiced as things finally seemed to be going in their favour, although there is still much to debate on our local cannabis legislation.  However, as excited and as prepared as the community was, businesses across the country were not! The legal consumption of cannabis...

Cheeba Cannabis Academy Now Offering CPD Courses for Medical Professionals in South Africa

Cheeba Cannabis Academy
The Cheeba Cannabis Academy, brought to you by Cheeba Africa, is Africa’s first fully dedicated cannabis education platform. They now have a new addition in the ‘first in SA’ list as they confirm the accreditation of their course for Medical Professionals by the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA), which means that their course now awards Continuing Professional...

Cannabis for Private Purposes Clubs

It’s out. It surely won’t be passed in its present form and hasn’t been published by the 17 September 2020 deadline ordered in the 18 September 2018 Prince judgment in which the Concourt abolished the prohibitions against an adult personally cultivating and possessing cannabis in private in order to personally consume it in private. Indeed, it was only officially...

Combie KS Classic

A stash bag, although handy and necessary to cannabis connoisseurs, can be a bit of a nuisance. It would make much more sense for...

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