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South Africans Have Found a Way Around the New Cannabis Legislation

cannabis legislation
There have been some exciting changes in cannabis legislation recently The court deemed it an unfair infringement on one’s right to privacy to class personal and private growth or consumption of cannabis as a criminal act. What the court did not do was decriminalise the sale of cannabis as this is not considered one’s privacy. However, groups have now exploited...

The Difference Between CBD and F.E.C.O. Oils

CBD and F.E.C.O. Oil
CBD has amazing potential to help numerous chronic medical conditions such as intractable pain, nervous system conditions, and mental health conditions. This is a miracle for everyone suffering but is not necessarily a new discovery as research has been ongoing for some time now. CBD also only has minute amounts of THC in it, unlike marijuana or full extract...

What do the new Cannabis Laws in SA mean for those at Work?

cannabis in the workplace
Cannabis Confusion The judgment made in September 2018 does not acknowledge the implications in the workplace, meaning that there are many unanswered questions from employers. An example being that if an employee decided to use cannabis during a lunch break or before work, how is a situation like this managed? Weber Wentzel lawyer Shane Johnson explained that while there are tests...

Creating a Flourishing Economy via Cannabis Legalisation in the Eastern Cape

cannabis legalisation in the Eastern Cape
Promising Words in Open Discussion on Cannabis Legalisation With cannabis legalisation becoming more of a reality, Eastern Cape premier - Oscar Mabuyane - was speaking during a cannabis stakeholder engagement at the International Convention Centre in East London. The engagement was assembled by the Eastern Cape department of rural development and agrarian reform to debate issues of legalisation which includes a...

Zimbabwe Intends to Make the Most from the Hemp Agricultural Sector

Hemp farm
Zimbabwe is planning on extending its earnings from the agricultural sector, by expanding from tobacco and cotton to hemp, an industrial cannabis strain with numerous economic uses and benefits. In fact, this is not the first time that Zim has made a move in the cannabis industry. They allowed investors to apply for licences to cultivate marijuana for medicinal purposes,...

Leaders in Cannabis Cultivation Across the Continent of Africa

cannabis cultivation
Cannabis cultivation has the potential to help Africa advance in more ways than one, and with increasing legalisation across the world, the continent may unlock a new revenue stream. Africa is finally emerging as a key component in the cannabis industry at an amazing rate. It is estimated that the legal marijuana sphere may be worth more than USD 7.1...

Study Finds that People are Actually Treating Medical Conditions with Cannabis, Not just Getting High

medical marijuana
A recent study conducted in the United States has found that there are more medical marijuana consumers than recreational consumers. 46 percent of frequent cannabis consumers do so in order to help treat a medical condition of some kind, as opposed to 22 percent who consume recreationally. These stats were found thanks to a study conducted by the JAMA...

WARNING: Selling Dagga is Still Illegal

This should not be a surprise to those of us who are up to date with our countries cannabis laws. Since the decriminalisation of cannabis in September last year, growing and consuming cannabis was given the green light. However, they did specify that the sale and purchase of the flower is still a criminal offence punishable by law. They’re Still...

Google is Banning Dagga Apps from the Play Store

Google banning weed apps
Google Bans Cannabis Apps Google announced heartbreaking news last Wednesday. They stated that all apps selling any form of weed would be permanently banned from the play store. The news is a devastating blow to popular apps like Weedmaps and Eaze which have over 1 million downloads. However, it is not all is doom and gloom as it was stated...

The World’s First Cannabis Breathalyser Could be Available Soon

cannabis breathalyzer
This new drug testing method - the cannabis breathalyzer - may be able to indicate to the authorities if you are under the influence of cannabis, using only saliva. The common test here in South Africa when it comes to cannabis is the urine test. The issue with this is that it can only determine whether you’ve consumed cannabis in...

Combie KS Classic

A stash bag, although handy and necessary to cannabis connoisseurs, can be a bit of a nuisance. It would make much more sense for...

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