Cleaning Tips for Your Smoking Paraphernalia

Cannabis leaves plenty of resin behind when it’s smoked. This build up can seriously clog your smoking pieces, taking away from the experience and affect the flavour of your bud. So here are some tips to help you keep those pieces sparkling!

cleaning tips

Keeping your smoking paraphernalia clean should be a weekly chore – the longer you leave them dirty, the harder they are to clean. Keeping your toys clean will help them last longer, but will also ensure a fresh hit each time so you can enjoy the true flavours and smells of your sesh – and sometimes cleaning tips are all you need to make it happen. 

It doesn’t matter if you vape, dab, or take hits from a pipe or bong, keeping your tools is essential, so here are some cleaning tips that everyone should know: 

Dab Nails / Bangers

Dab nails and bangers can be scraped clean or washed, depending on how dirty it is and how much time you have. Scraping is simple and straightforward, using a paper clip or even your dab tool you can scrape off any excess. It is best to do this before buildup gets too big, and keep an earbud on hand if you use a glass banger, so it can be cleaned after the sesh. 

If it’s truly gunky, leave it to soak in some hot water with rubbing alcohol before you clean it up with some cotton balls or an earbud. 


To clean a bong, you need a couple of ingredients and some elbow grease. You can go the fancy route and buy yourself bong or smoking paraphernalia cleaner, or you can keep it simple with some coarse salt, rubbing alcohol and hot water. 

All you need to do is pour out the old water and rinse it with some fresh warm water. From there, pour in some salt and rubbing alcohol and start shaking it all about! You have to shake it up and spread your homemade solution to all crevices of the bong. Rise it out with some hot water and it should look as good as new! If your bong is really gunky, you may have to repeat this process a couple of times. 


Cleaning pipes work similarly to bongs, but you need a Ziplock bag to make it happen. As with the bong, rinse out your pipe thoroughly with some hot water and pop it in the ziplock bag with some coarse salt and rubbing alcohol. Give it a good shake until the homemade solution is picking the dirt out of the pipe and your piece is looking clean again. 

Once again, this step may have to be repeated if your piece is still gunky after the first rinse. Or you can get a paper clip or a skewer to scrape some of it off. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and let it dry before you use it – it’s really difficult to smoke a wet bowl. 


Vapes, whether they’re dry-herb or concentrate, are relatively easy and quick to clean. All you do is unscrew the device’s chamber and use an earbud to wipe the inside and remove any residue. You can also clean the mouthpiece by running it under some hot water. You can then finish it all off by using a damp cloth or wet-wipe to give the outside a clean too.  


With a grinder, start by opening it all up and laying it on a plate or rolling tray. Tap all the pieces to get rid of any leftover flower and kief before placing the grinder in the freezer for half an hour. This will help all the built-up residue separate and fall off the grinder with relative ease.

Then take an earbud soaked in rubbing alcohol and scrub the grinder. However, if the grinder is still too stocky you may want to leave it to soak in some rubbing alcohol and then scrubbing it. Then rinse with warm water and let it dry before putting it to use again! 

These tasks may seem laborious, especially when you’re just too keen to smoke! But clean tools make all the difference, helping them last longer and adding more value to your sesh by allowing you to truly taste your cannabis and enjoy the whole experience.  

We hope these cleaning tips are going to positively change your smoke sessions forever!

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10 months ago

Best cleaning tips ever.