Combie KS Classic

A stash bag, although handy and necessary to cannabis connoisseurs, can be a bit of a nuisance. It would make much more sense for all your rolling necessities to fit into one simple package. And luckily enough for us, Combie have gone and done just that!


Who is Combie?

Combie is a brand originating out of Israel. These people have brought to us, their Combie KS Classic Stash Box – an all-in-one rolling kit.

This sleek little kit includes a bud storage space, a grinder will filler compartment, and a stash of papers and filters discretely stored. This is the perfect stash kit for a night out and away from your usual supplies, for when you need to roll on the go.

The homies over at Combie were tired of carrying around a stash bag when heading out, so what better plan than to come up with your own solution – a sleek little stash box that fits in a pocket. Stoner Steve has been putting this device to the test over the past couple of weeks, here are his thoughts.


The Design & Appearance

The KS Classic is smartly designed, providing all the necessary tools to get rolling. The grinder itself is made from fibreglass-reinforced nylon, making it durable enough to be kept in a pocket or thrown in a bag. The grinder has a raised handle, just enough for you to get a good handle grip and grind away. The grinder diameter is 31mm but also isn’t all that deep, meaning it’s a little on the small side if you prefer a nice baseball bat over a skinny.

The storage and mixing compartment are two other great features of this device. The storage compartment is directly alongside the grinder allowing for easy access. This compartment is big enough to squeeze in enough bud to get 2-3 jiggys out of it, and even comes with a little cleaning pick to help you get herb out of those tough to reach corners. What we also loved about the device was that your ground up bud falls straight into a mixing compartment/bowl. All your herb falls into a large compartment with enough space for about 4 jiggys worth of ground bud- all ready to roll. This compartment can even be used to store your spliffs once rolled.

On the underside of the Combie KS, you find a discreet little compartment which holds your rolling papers and filters. This is conveniently placed and gives you easy access to your papers while in the midst of your rolling process.

Combie have also gone to great lengths to come up with some awesome themes and designs for these, allowing you to choose a design that best fits your stoner personality. They’ve covered themes such as a Tiki Series, 90’s series and more!



As an on the go rolling stash kit, this must be one of the most effective on the local market. It is small and discreet, but still provides all the things you need to get the job done. The bud storage compartment and grinder are slightly on the small size, but not so small that it becomes a problem.

Although a little small in size, the grinder is incredibly effective. With 14 diamond shaped teeth and a central magnet to told it all together, the grinding of herbs with this device was effortless.

The device was super easy to carry around and use discreetly. The usual unpacking of a stash bag was no more as I was able to get the job done just about anywhere. I particularly love that the storage compartment can hold both bud and your rolled joints, allowing you store and save half smoked giggle sticks for a later time.


Price Point

These little stash boxes are incredibly affordable and great value considering it’s everything you need in one. Being made from fibreglass-reinforced nylon keeps it affordable and incredibly light, but unfortunately does mean that it doesn’t “feel” like a high quality and durable product, but believe me – it is.

Combie have a number of stockists listed on their website. The KS Classic will cost you roughly R200- R250 on various reseller websites, making it an affordable bargain considering the amount of use you can actually get out of one of these boxes.



In conclusion, this is a super smart and valuable product made for every stoner out there. They’ve done very well to provide a simple and discreet stash box that performs its duties excellently, providing all your rolling needs while keeping it slim – both in size and price. But they’ve gone even further to give us some cool designs so they are still personal and exciting rather than a plain old solid colour. It’s very effective as a rolling kit and doesn’t break the bank. What more could you ask for?

Combie KS Classic
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