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Meet the Team

Stoner Steve

Website & Social Media Manager | Writer

Hi, I'm Stoner Steve. Thriving out of the madness that is Jozi - bud fanatic and all round good oke. I hope to put knowledge back in the hands of the cannabis community here in South Africa. If you ain't chokin', you ain't tokin'

Billy Bong


Hey, I'm Billy Bong. One of the Cannabis News head writers and long time weed activist. I enjoy the truth and everything aimed at making weed more accessible. I've personally been involved in the green rush for the past 8 years and I've loved every last toke of it . I'm here to bring you honest, open and relatable news on the daily - from politics to the lonely stoner vibes. Peace, love & success!

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About us

Cannabis News ZA

We are the place to be for all your cannabis news in South Africa. We strive to build a platform for advocates and consumers alike, a place where we can all interact, share our knowledge, show off your home grow, and hear all the latest cannabis news.


Growing Big Buds in a Closet

Grow Space Grow space can be hard to come by for many, especially those living in the city, in apartments, or in a full house!...
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