Does Shelly Marsh Have a Marijuana Problem?

Cannabis is finding its way into the mainstream, where many believe the plant belongs. It may be happening slowly, but could this South Park episode be a sign of new things to come?

tegridy farms

For their Halloween Special, South Park aired an episode exploring what the world would be like if the “odd one out” was the person NOT smoking that good kush. The episode emphasises Shelly, one of the younger characters who openly shows her disgust towards the town embracing cannabis for what it is. The town turned canna-friendly thanks to Tegridy Farms.

The town has gone absolutely bonkers for the plant, from the usual town’s folk to the biggest of celebrities. It’s quite ironic to see the angsty Shelly as the only one against the towns conformity and acceptance of the herb. Could this be the direction things will head in the future as the cannabis industry becomes more mainstream?

She is made to look like the outsider being literally the only person in the town to be anti-marijuana. We all know that there are plenty of people out there who will never be pro-cannabis, so it’s kinda humorous seeing as this town is entirely for it, it’s what dreams are made of here at Cannabis News.

Her father, Randy Marsh, ponders the reasons behind Shelly’s marijuana problem. He does his fatherly duties and does his best to resolve his daughter’s drug problem. However, this is all with little success. Shelly even goes as far as attempting to curse the Tegridy Farms stash. This backfires tremendously though, as Shelly’s concoction turns the Tegridy Farms supply into a bud monstrosity!

There could be another meaning behind this, it sounds like a bit of a jab in the direction of the millions who are simply stuck in their ways and won’t, at the least, let those who wanna smoke bud smoke bud. Might be something subtle from the creators there, best watch the episode and decide for yourself.

Make sure to catch it on the least sh*tty stream you can find and decide for yourself whether Shelly has a drug problem or not 😉

If you ain’t chokin’, you ain’t tokin’
– Stoner Steve

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