Get Legal Pharmaceutical Medical Grade Cannabis in South Africa

Medical cannabis can be a solution to your health problems, and on the IntroCann portal this process can be at your fingertips.

Technology has changed everything about the world, and more so everything we understand about it. It is imperative to keep up with the changing times that we have been presented with. Especially when bearing in mind that technology is matching the changes in the landscape of  cannabis medicine specifically. Being the first online portal that brings doctors and patients together is exactly what this changing landscape was asking for, and we have answered.

South African legislation has changed, and enabled us to be a part of so many more patient’s health journeys. At the end of 2018 there were only 56 patients importing medicine in South Africa under section 21 of the Medicines and Related Substances Act. This process, which was traditionally filled with red-tape, has become much easier thanks to the IntroCann portal and recent legislative changes. On the IntroCann portal it becomes possible to be prescribed medicinal cannabis with ease – and that is our mission.

The IntroCann portal brings together doctors, patients and section 21’s under the same umbrella. Applications can not only be done by licensed medical professionals on your behalf, but statuses of these applications can also be viewed in one simple to navigate space. Worrying about the management of your health conditions should not be the most strenuous part of your life, especially when trying to get healthy. It is with this ideal in mind that IntroCann has brought together the necessary tools to facilitate the prescription of medical cannabis and THC products.

Using IntroCann is about as simple as using your favourite form of social media, registration on our portal is fast, but it is after registration that your process becomes even more simplified. After registration you can invite your doctor via their email or alternatively the portal gives you the option to be matched with a suitable doctor. It is in this freedom of choice that a health journey really becomes your own.

After inviting or being matched with a doctor, the doctor will complete a section 21 application on your behalf and submit it, all the while being tracked on the portal. Transparency and ease of access makes you a part of this journey. After approval from the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority your prescription can be made out, and details like expiry dates and how many replenishments you have left can be viewed freely on the portal.

Putting your medicinal cannabis journey in your hands, alongside medical professionals is what IntroCann is about. Having the freedom to participate in this process privately is what empowers you, the individual.

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