Grandpas First Time

We're not all expert smokers here. Some are, others are gaining their experience, and some may have never smoked before. We were all at a point in our lives where we hadn't smoked before and were maybe considering it.

Cannabis is for Everyone

There is no age limit for enjoying some good bud and having a laugh with some mates. Cannabis can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone across the globe. Whether you’re old or young (which is over 18 years, of course), male or female, the colour of your skin – none of this matters. I mean, even grandpas smoke weed.

Cannabis does not discriminate in any way, and it can be loved by everyone. People across multiple cultures have expressed their love for the plant. It has helped many for their medical purposes, but also recreationally. If you enjoy the herb recreationally, there’s no need to be ashamed. It’s helping you deal with something in some sense too.

Even with this being said, many do not see cannabis in a positive light. For generations cannabis has been stigmatised, stopping many from giving the plant the chance it deserves. Others have simply never felt inclined in any way to smoke herb – regardless of the stigmas.

First Timers

Many are giving Mary Jane a try for the first time, all across the globe, but especially in South Africa. The changes in legislation have made many curious and comfortable enough to give it a go. It’s a time for experimentation in our country, and we would recommend everyone tries some bud at least once in their lifetime. If you don’t enjoy it, thats cool too – it’s not for everyone. If you do dig it, you’ve found a companion for life.

These grandpas are giving the holy smoke a try for the first time in their lives. It’s always interesting watching a first-time smoker! The team from Cut ask them a couple of questions and it’s interesting to get some feedback from those who were taught the wrong things on cannabis, and those who’ve simply never tried it.

Get our your bong or a rolled jiggy, and watch these grandpas smoke weed and having a toke for the first time!

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