Getting Started – What You Need to Know About Cannabis Seeds

cannabis seeds
Seeds are something so small and pretty simple initially, but become a lot more important when put into the context of growing! Most commonly, cannabis grows are started in one of two ways: seeds or clones. Seeds carry the genetic information from two parent plants, and will express themselves with traits more similar to the mother or at times...

Malawi Goes Mad Over Legal Marijuana

Malawi has, like a number of other southern African countries, opened their arms to cannabis. They have recently legalised the growing, selling and export of the plant. But unlike South Africa, they haven’t quite given as much leniency when it comes to personal consumption.  The latest laws from Malawi allow for the use of cannabis for medicine and hemp fibres....

Stoner Steve’s Strain of the Month for February: Gorilla Glue #4

strain of the month
So here’s my love story... Let’s start from the beginning shall we? It was a rainy and pretty miserable Saturday morning during the early days of February. I was on my way to breakfast to meet up with my father and a high school friend of his that he hadn’t seen in 30 years.  There’s a reason I was included in...

Jamaica is Helping Local Farmers Enter the Weed Market

Jamaican cannabis
New plans have arisen from regulators of the Jamaican cannabis industry, aimed at helping local farmers enter the growing cannabis market. The local government wants to turn illegal black market farmers into legal growers, contributing to the economic growth of their country.  The start of 2020 saw them announce these plans, and they’re doing it by expanding their Alternative Development...

The Cannabis Consultant

cannabis consultant
Are you looking for some more personal advice on your grow? You can trust someone's advice a little more when they’re actually examining your plants in person, as opposed to looking at a picture on the internet. This is why cannabis consultants have rapidly risen in popularity in South Africa.  Many local citizens are relatively new to growing as personal...

How To Grow Marijuana In Extreme Heat

How To Grow Marijuana In Extreme Heat
Hot, dry climates with clear skies don't have to be kak for marijuana. Most plants in hot climates struggle because they don't get enough water or have shallow roots which are toasted in the hot upper part of the soil. If the weed plants are watered enough, the water will penetrate straight down into the soil and the roots will...

The Expression of Sex in Cannabis Plants

sex in cannabis plants
Cannabis plants can grow as either a male or a female, with the respective organs, and are known as dioecious plants. Many cannabis consumers aim for female plants only as they provide the smokeable buds, but the males have their purpose too. Having both males and females in close proximity will likely result in cross pollination - resulting in...

Top 7 Strains for Beginner Growers

strains for beginner growers
I’ve personally been growing for a few years now and at first, I found it rather challenging to get right. Over time I've learnt that the seed type and strain has a lot to do with the future challenges you may go through. So here are my top 7 strains for beginner growers.  Harlequin Starting with a strain that’s...

It Costs How Much for a Dagga License!?

dagga license
At the end of November, the KwaZulu-Natal government started truly encouraging local farmers and entrepreneurs to invest in and grow marijuana for medicinal purposes. The intention being that KZN aims to be the leading province in cannabis exportation. And for a reasonable fee of R23 000, you can grab yourself a commercial dagga license and start growing herb.  On a...

Load Shedding Sparks Panic Amongst Cannabis Growers

load shedding
As many growers know, disrupting your cannabis plants grow cycle can cause plenty of trouble. The plant tends to be rather sensitive once it’s fully in its cycle, and any sort of changes it experiences in its environment can have a negative impact. So the question for all locals is what they can do when load shedding hits to...