Growing Big Buds in a Closet

Not everyone has a ton of space to grow plants outdoors, or even space to fit a tent inside to be fair! So, why not just grow in a cupboard? That's what this guy did and his results are insane!

Grow Space

Grow space can be hard to come by for many, especially those living in the city, in apartments, or in a full house! There isn’t always space outside on a balcony and there isn’t always space to fit a tent inside.

So what options do you have then? Well, why not empty out a cupboard and see if you can fit a couple of plants in there? That’s exactly what Mr. Canucks Grow grow has been doing for some time now, and the results are just insane! and luckily for us, he’s more than happy to let us all know how he did it.

So go check out this video (and his others) to see the process he goes through to grow some big buds in a cupboard!

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