Hawaiians – Well Medicated and Still Surfing

Hawaii is the place to be during COVID-19, as dispensaries are still operating and surfing is still allowed!

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With COVID-19 causing many companies to close their doors, adjust working hours or limit their number of staff, many businesses have come under huge financial stress. Many are not functioning as they would normally, although Hawaii seems to be taking a laid back stance in the face of the pandemic as dispensaries remain open and surfing is still allowed.

Cannabis Sales Continue 

With cannabis being deemed essential by many, dispensaries are still operating. They are taking strict measures to ensure safety with the necessary resources and limiting staff. Limited numbers of customers are being allowed into dispensaries at a time, and physical contact or touching of relative identification are limited if not prohibited entirely. 

All 13 of Hawaii dispensaries are remaining open during the pandemic since the government deemed it an essential service. The 8 companies who own these outlets will surely be pleased that they are able to remain operational and provide a commodity that is in high demand at the moment. 

With this, they are also more than willing to take the necessary precautionary measures. In addition to the basics mentioned above, strict rules have been enforced in terms of sanitation and keeping work areas as clean as possible. Certain dispensaries have even designated private sales areas for those deemed to be high-risk during the pandemic and those with more special needs. 

Dispensaries are also offering a pre-order service, where customers can call in advance, place their order and minimise the amount of time they need to be in the public or interacting with others. Deliveries are also not an option just yet as the local Department of Health isn’t ready for dispensaries to be that free just yet.

They’re Still Surfing Too

There was much debate as to whether surfing should still be allowed at these times. Particularly around some alarming, but unproven, reports that coronavirus may be able to travel via the sea breeze. 

Even Hawaii’s Health Director, Dr Bruce Anderson, stated: “I disagree with that, I think surfing by its very nature reinforces social distancing.”. 

Professor DeWolfe Miller also noted that the sea breeze theory is unproven, and that sunlight is good at killing microorganisms such as the coronavirus. 

Seeing as this theory is unproven, the risks appear to be the same as anywhere else. Which is why surfing is continuing as long as surfers stay 6 feet away from each other. Even with this recommendation, surfers have been observed to be both listening to and ignoring the recommendation. 

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