Weed & Anxiety

weed and anxiety
So it’s nothing new that plenty people report increased anxiety when they consume cannabis. The sad part is that, in some people, weed and anxiety go hand in hand. Most often it has to do with what strain they’ve chosen to smoke, what other stimulates we choose to mix with cannabis and the level of stress and anxiety they...

THC, CBD, & the Entourage Effect

entourage effect
CBD is taking over the cannabis industry at the moment. The cannabinoid that doesn’t get you high has shown a lot of potential in the medical sphere and helps alleviate many symptoms from a  number of different conditions. Across the world, you can find just about anything with infused CBD. Anything from the standard CBD tinctures, capsules, and pet...

Grass before Glass: The Greenies

So when getting ready for that girls night out or a dop and a chop with the boys, keep in mind that if you have any intention of smoking on this journey it's best to have some method behind your madness if you want to avoid the greenies. Greenies Prevention Methodology: Step 1: Make sure you are not smoking some lame-ass...

Insurance VS Dagga

cannabis insurance
When it comes to cannabis insurance long-term insurers, Liberty & Outsurance, encourage advisers and clients to inform their insurer of any medical or lifestyle events that would impact their policy applications. Especially so if it's substance-based, like weed. As it may result in your claim being denied if you did not disclose this information. It will also ensure that...

Why it’s good to take a break from Cannabis

break from cannabis
You know the old adage of one must live a balanced life and too much of anything is bad for you. Well, these wise words weren't uttered for no reason and definitely apply to your use of Cannabis products - in particular, daily smokers. Is it time for a break from cannabis? Daily smokers find themselves facing several issues: 1. Tolerance levels...

Study Finds that People are Actually Treating Medical Conditions with Cannabis, Not just Getting High

medical marijuana
A recent study conducted in the United States has found that there are more medical marijuana consumers than recreational consumers. 46 percent of frequent cannabis consumers do so in order to help treat a medical condition of some kind, as opposed to 22 percent who consume recreationally. These stats were found thanks to a study conducted by the JAMA...

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?

weed in your system
There never seems to be a definitive answer to the question: “How long will weed stay in my system for?” This is mainly due to the fact that not a whole lot of research has been conducted on this matter. That does tend to happen when a medically-beneficial substance is classed as illegal for a large majority of the 20th...

Cannabis Consumption Amongst Pregnant Women is on the Rise, Despite Potential Risks to Baby

cannabis during pregnancy
As the cannabis laws across the world have relaxed in recent years, the plant has risen in popularity. This is no surprise, but rather the shock comes that women are increasingly consuming cannabis during their pregnancy. An American study based on data from more than 460 000 women and was carried out between 2002 and 2017. This research found that...

Goodleaf, Cape Town’s First CBD Dispensary

Goodleaf CBD
Shortly after South Africa’s Health Minister, Aaron Motsoaledi, legalised the commercialisation of Cannabidiol (CBD), Cape Town already has a dispensary. All thanks to the good people from Goodleaf. Founded by Jenni Katz and Warren Schewitz, Goodleaf provides “the next generation of wellness rituals, engineered by nature to restore balance.” Goodleaf provides an array of products, including topicals, tinctures and vape juices....

California Canna-tech company, HelloMD, enters the South African Market

HelloMD South Africa
A new age is dawning on the South African cannabis industry. With the decriminalisation of homegrown marijuana possession and consumption, as well as the sale and purchase of hemp-derived CBD products, we are entering into a new era - and HelloMD South Africa are at the forefront. Changes in the Law In September 2018, the South African Government made changes to...