Here Are All the Ways to Smoke Weed and Why They’re Awesome

Even experienced smokers discover awesome new ways to smoke that Giggle stick. Here are just a few of the most popular methods to get cannabis into your lungs and a smile on that face.

smoke weed

People have been smoking the mystical cannabis for thousands of years, with some of the earliest recorded instances going back to the days of ancient Greece.
The Greeks might have been the world’s first hot-boxers and pioneers to a happy healthier tomorrow, as they preferred to get lit by filling their chariots with smoke.
So, here’s a guide to some of the most popular ways of smoking weed.

Pipes and Bongs of All Varieties

Perhaps the most simple way to smoke weed is with a pipe. Pipes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. However, they can range from incredibly simplistic, one-night affairs to lavish red eyed rasta pipes.

Bongs are the heavy hitters in terms of smoking kush, providing a quick blast straight to the head. This method filters your smoke through water first, allowing for a smoother puff. These also range from simplistic, straight piped beasts to the intricate, twisting monsters with numerous diffusers to make the smoke that much smoother.

Joints, Blunts, and Spliffs

The most popular way to smoke weed comes in the form of that sticky icky blunt or joint as we call it in South Africa. This method is also the most social. There’s not much better than passing a jiggy around the smoke circle with some mates.

Some do consider joints/blunts as a waste of weed due to the amount of weed burned up in the process, but nothing beats an old school blunt. This is also why some roll up ‘spliffs’ – a mix of cannabis and tobacco – to make the bud go a bit further.

DIY MacGyver-Styled Devices

Although most smokers prefer pipes, joints, or blunts to smoke their herb, sometimes you just don’t have the tools on hand. This brings out the imagination of every stoner, coming up with crazy ways to consume their bud. People have made it work by using cold drink cans, carrots, apples, pens and much more!

Hot-Knifing, Dabbing, and Other Heated-Element Approaches

Hot-knifing, which is the baby brother to today’s dabbing trend, is a method for enjoying hash that is done by pressing two ends of red-hot butter knives together. One will heat up a knife or two on a stove top or open flame, drop some hash onto the heated part and press them together. This requires some quick reflexes though as you don’t want to miss any of the smoke that’s released from the hash.

Dabbing is also all the rage today. A more sophisticated upgrade to the hot-knife method, these ‘rigs’ resemble a bong – but with a heated nail rather than a bowl. This is the best way to smoke your potent THC concentrates.

Vaporisers are also increasing in popularity. Using heating elements in an easily transportable pen, you can discretely smoke your concentrate or even flower through these contraptions.

Regardless of your favorite way to blaze, there’s something for everyone. Each person reacts differently to these methods, so it takes some trial and error to discover what works best or you and eventually becomes your favourite.

Keen to test one of these methods out? Maybe find a Cannapax near you!

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