Holy Roly Herbal Rolling Mix

Many cannabis consumers keep an eye out for a good rolling mix for their cannabis. Some use tobacco or other plants such as lavender or tea. But now, more brands are releasing cannabis friendly rolling mixes - such as the Holy Roly Herbal Mix.

Holy Roly Herbal Rolling Mix Holy Roly Herbal Rolling Mix

Who is Holy Roly? 

The Holy Roly brand was born in the Garden Route on the southern coast of South Africa. It all started with a man named Martin Glinister, a herbalist from the cape, who became intimate with the flora of his surroundings and came to understand their properties. 

After much fiddling, he created his rolling mix, originating from the Fynbos and consisting of up to 80% of the Cape Floral Kingdom. The brand and its products have grown from here and perfected their recipe.

Holy Roly has grown into a collaboration between researchers, artists and philosophers with sustainability in mind. They aim to bring a healthy rolling mix to the South African community – whether it be as a mix for cannabis or to be enjoyed on its own. 

Design & Appearance 

As far as design goes, Holy Roly has curated a beautiful and simple brand that has a truly local feel to it. At first glance, you know it’s locally made and hints towards the cape experience. 

The Holy Roly Herbal Rolling Mix is presented in a sleek 5 gram envelope. This packaging is made from Fabriano craft paper, which not only presents itself well but assists in allowing the mix to breathe – keeping it fresh and functional. 

Furthermore, the packaging is plastic-free and the material is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) certified. 


The intended use of the herbal rolling mix is either as a tobacco substitute to be used on its own, or as a mix for cannabis. 

On its own, the product doesn’t necessarily provide a feeling or sensation, as it is not intended to do so. It does not provide a ‘buzz’ so it doesn’t provide a kick like tobacco or cannabis would. However, on its own, the herbal blend burns steadily and provides an enjoyable smoking experience, making it a great substitute for tobacco consumers.

When mixed with cannabis, the mix can help your bud go a bit further and also mellow out joints so they’re not absolutely packed to the brim with THC. The mix burns well and doesn’t cause any funny business or canoeing when used in joints

The herbs used in the mix also have their own properties that make it a great addition for cannabis consumers. Research suggests that there are anxiolytic properties to some of the herbal ingredients, such as Sceletium, also known as Kanna. These calming properties counterbalance the potential side effects of consuming high quantities of THC.

One noteworthy point is that although the product can be used with a grinder, we didn’t find this to be particularly suitable. The mix doesn’t grind all that well and doesn’t fall through the grinder to the catch compartment. Simply pulling apart the mix with your hands is enough, or a pair of scissors if you like your mix to be more on the fine side. 


On its own, the mix produces a smooth, gentle aromatic smoke. It is a fairly complex blend of herbs, especially for the nose, but the outcome is subtle. This is great so that when mixed with cannabis, it does provide some further natural flavouring but actually helps to minimise the irritation that can come with pure cannabis flower. We might even go so far as to say that it compliments cannabis’ natural flavours and doesn’t take away from your cannabis terpenes. 

Price Point 

We found the Holy Roly Herbal Rolling Mix to be very fairly priced. A 5g pack costs R35 on their website, with a 4 pack coming in at between R129-R139. Needless to say, you get your money’s worth. Because they are so affordable, it’s easily worth testing them out and even making them a staple in your smoke sessions. 

Their Herbal Mix can be purchased online and delivered in just a few days. 


Holy Roly has done something new here and have brought South Africans a one-of-a-kind product. Rolling mixes aren’t something that necessarily catches your attention, but their brand does just that – and the product has the quality to match. 

If a rolling mix is something that you are after, we would definitely recommend giving the Holy Roly Herbal Rolling Mix a try. Their sleek packaging sits well in any smoke toolkit, it’s priced fairly and provides a healthier local substitute for tobacco. 

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